Al Reuters Reports “Sectarian Clashes” in Egypt

This is scandalous, shameless Islamo-pandering and dhimitude at its worst. The Copts in Egypt are being slaughtered because they’re Christians. This is jihad, genocide in the final stages.

(Reuters) – One person died and dozens were wounded during clashes between Muslims and Christians late Friday night outside a Coptic church in Egypt’s second city, state newspaper al-Ahram reported, in the latest violent sectarian row in the Muslim-majority country.

Egypt: Muslim mob attacks Christians and their businesses

The Copts have to know their place: as dhimmis, subservient to the Muslims. That is their place in the new, Obama-endorsed Muslim Brotherhood Egypt. If they don’t accept it, the mobs will come. “Mob Attack Copts and their Businesses in Northern Egypt,” from the Christian Post, May 15 (thanks to AINA):

Crucified Again (FrontPage Magazine)

An interview with Raymond Ibrahim on his new book and the reluctance of the usual suspects to break from the narrative.

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Sharia in action in Egypt:

Christian teacher jailed for insulting Muhammad


Clueless and/or complicit Western writers such as Eric Posner, Sarah Chayes, and bottom feeder and stalker Nathan Lean (aka “Garibaldi“) must be so pleased.

“As more people are arrested for blasphemy in Egypt, a young Christian teacher is jailed,” from Asia News, May 11 (thanks to C. Cantoni):