One Nation Under Allah

Say ‘no’ to Kosovo

“Occupied Territory”

Douglas Murray: In Syria, Let Them Fight It Out

There are many people around the world who would like to fight jihad, and there are many al Qaeda affiliate groups who clearly hate what Hezbollah are doing. So if it weren’t for the consequences for civilians, shouldn’t we simply encourage both sides to go at each other full-tilt? If al Qaeda and Hezbollah want to fight each other to the death, then the West ought to support them every step of the way—and our hope must be that they both lose. This is one intervention that the West would be mad to get involved in.

Homo Promo at Disney

“ groundbreaking…”

One nation under allah & “climate justice”


Fake bomb story causes phoney irrational frenzy

 Driving  the spirit of jihad into their tender hearts:

Neeli Mosque is part of UK Islamic Mission (UKIM)


Ruhel Khan, Primary Schools Programme Coordinator said: “The Primary School Programme 2013 was a massive success; this was our sixth year and each year seems to get bigger and better.”


From JW:

This is what real hatred and incitement to violence looks like: the page is here. But note that none of those who are so exercised about “Islamophobia” and who smear our work against jihad and Islamic supremacism as “hateful” have a word to say about this. It is not “hate” when it’s a Facebook page. It only becomes “hate” when we report about it.


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