Muslim Colonists In Western Europe

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Pat Condell: Our crippling fear of the truth

Muslim Colonists In Western Europe   (Hugh Fitzgerald)

Muslim armies

What are the defining characteristics, what is the essence, of “colonialism”? It consists in the movement of one people,into the land of another, in order to economically exploit that land, either its natural resources, or the the wealth to be found among the indigenous inhabitants that might, in various ways, be appropriated.


Isn’t that what has happened in Western Europe? Muslims, having no historic claim on the lands of Western Europe, have managed to move in by the millions. And there they settle, and by aggressive, cunning, and often fraudulent exploitation of every possible benefit offered by the non-Muslim indigenes, in those welfare states where free education, free health care at the Western (not the Muslim) level, free or nearly free housing, along with all kinds of family subsidies and other benefits, offer those coming from wretched (made wretched, and permanently,  by Islam) societies and states  a fantastic cornucopia of expensive benefits.

The Muslim colonists do not accept, but begrudingly put with, the local laws and customs, but only insofar as these do not directly contradict their own laws and customs. They are suffused with an ideology that teaches them that they are superior to all those who are not like them, that is who are not Muslims, and nothing, no objective observations about the political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral failures of Muslims have been brought home to them, forced them to rethink.

They live battening on those they despise, but whom for now they must continue to endure and to prevent from looking too deeply into the texts and tenets of Islam, and find ways to explain away the attitudes and atmospherics of Islam, so obviously dangerous for non-Muslims.

That is today’s colonialism, the colonizing of non-Muslim lands by Muslims, which over the past 1400 years has been the  largest and most successful colonialism in modern history. And it goes on, it doesn’t stop.

It should be properly identified. The Muslims who enter Europe are not coming to integrate into European society., to embracve the Enlightenment and the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man. Nor are they coming to contribute — with a very few exceptions — to the economic or any other kind of wellbeing of the lands within Dar al-Islam. They come to get what they have heard, what they know, is available so generously for their taking. They take it as by right, as the Jizyah they deserve but at present, cannot exact since Muslims do not yet rule.

This is not a strange and fantastical description but, rather, sober and measured.  What will you do about it?

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  1. Pat Condell omitted to mention that Prime Minister David Cameron is a signed-up member of the facist group, the UAF.

  2. Rita! That photo is absolutely scarry – it should be posted on all the mosques! hahahaha

  3. R_not – and that photo of this b-tch is flattering I think. 😉 Actually I think your suggestion might save some lives of victims.

  4. The only land that Islam has any historic ties to are Mecca and Medina.
    All other countries are all examples of colonization, conquest and Islamic Imperialism.

    Condell was spot on that, Unite is made up of Middle Class snots, who are individually a bunch of cowardly pussies who need the power of the collective group to have one set of cojones. It is one of the many commonalities that they share with the Muslims.

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