The UK Disaster

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Mosqueteer pleads with EVF not to disrupt Ramadan


Cringing dhimmies fall over themselves in their efforts to appease the wrath of allah:

The EVF, which claims to fight “the Islamification of Great Britain”, has said “all patriots are welcome” and has admitted it is likely to spark counter-protests from anti-fascists.

The move has angered many, with council leader Mike Fisher calling for the rally to be banned, stating: “We do not need this additional tension in Croydon.”


Cocksuckery on end:

Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping will be offering a reflection on hate crime when he joins Muslim and other Nottingham communities at the start of the Big Iftar Love and Unity event on Sunday (21 July).

 UKIP Multiculturalism has Failed in Europe (Must Watch) 2013

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In other news:
These rape and sex slavery gangs are bad, but even worse would be to let into the country anyone who would talk honestly about how such actions are justified within Islam, which would explain why there are so many such gangs. Better to pretend that there is no problem at all.
Fuggly, stupid and pig ignorant:
It was bad enough to hear recently that the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, told Melanie Phillips at a seminar that Iran was not developing nuclear weapons and was no threat to anyone. Iran is the prime funder of Hezbollah and Syria for terror.
 Now Catherine Ashton, the UK based EU Foreign Policy chief has declared  “Political Hezbollah is good; only militant Hezbollah is bad”
One could almost suspect she got the job because she is totally clueless.

UK: Five prison officers suspended without hearing after Woolwich jihad murderer claims they attacked him

As always, the preferential treatment. “We feel that the Ministry of Justice have let the staff down here. They have suspended five of our members but that does not necessarily mean they are guilty of anything.”

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