UK: Schoolgirl arrested for refusing to study with non-English pupils

Schoolgirl arrested for refusing to study with non-English pupils- Daily Mail

Arrested. For ‘racism’. For insisting on her G-d given right to be with her own people in the country of her birth.

She was forced to sit with 5 ‘Asians’, (Muslims)  of whom only one could speak English.

This madness is inflicted on us by the same MoFo’s who invented “bullying”.

If You Want to Find a True Bully…  look for someone pushing “antibullying” legislation.

Codie Stott: The 14-year-old schoolgirl was arrested for “racism” and spent three-and-a-half hours in police custody

A teenage schoolgirl was arrested by police for racism after refusing to sit with a group of Asian students because some of them did not speak English. Codie Stott’s family claim she was forced to spend three-and-a-half hours in a police cell after she was reported by her teachers.

The 14-year-old – who was released without charge – said it had been a simple matter of commonsense and accused the school and police of an over-the-top reaction.  (continued below the fold)

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English schoolgirl sues Scottish council over ‘racist bullying’

This case is even worse than the one described above:

A girl who was claims she was subjected to anti-English abuse at her school on a remote Scottish island is planning to sue a local council for failing to protect her from the bullies.

Sophie Parks, 17, suffered cuts and bruises and had to be admitted to hospital following physical and mental abuse from fellow pupils on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Her family claims she was repeatedly beaten up and called an “English bitch” by a gang of girls during her time at the Nicolson Institute in Stornoway.

They say the bullying got so bad that the teenager had contemplated suicide and was forced to leave the island and go and live with her grandparents in Sheffield.--Read more.


The incident happened in the same local education authority where a ten-year-old boy was prosecuted earlier this year for calling a schoolfriend racist names in the playground, a move branded by a judge “political correctness gone mad.”

Codie was attending a GCSE science class at Harrop Fold High School in Worsley, Greater Manchester, when the incident happened.

The teenager had not been in school the day before due to a hospital appointment and had missed the start of a project, so the teacher allocated her a group to sit with.

“She said I had to sit there with five Asian pupils,” said Codie yesterday.

“Only one could speak English, so she had to tell that one what to do so she could explain in their language. Then she sat me with them and said ‘Discuss’.”

According to Codie, the five – four boys and a girl – then began talking in a language she didn’t understand, thought to be Urdu, so she went to speak to the teacher.

“I said ‘I’m not being funny, but can I change groups because I can’t understand them?’ But she started shouting and screaming, saying ‘It’s racist, you’re going to get done by the police’.”

Codie said she went outside to calm down where another teacher found her and, after speaking to her class teacher, put her in isolation for the rest of the day.

A complaint was made to a police officer based full-time at the school, and more than a week after the incident on September 26 she was taken to Swinton police station and placed under arrest.

“They told me to take my laces out of my shoes and remove my jewellery, and I had my fingerprints and photograph taken,” said Codie. “It was awful.”

After questioning on suspicion of committing a section five racial public order offence, her mother Nicola says she was placed in a bare cell for three-and-a-half hours then released without charge.

She only returned to lessons this week and has been put in a different science class.

Yesterday Miss Stott, 37, a cleaner, said: “Codie was not being racist.” “The reaction from the school and police is totally over the top and I am furious my daughter had to go through this trauma when all she was saying was common sense. ”

“She’d have been better off not saying anything and getting into trouble for not being able to do the work.”

Miss Stott, who is separated from Codie and her 18-year-old brother Ashley’s father, lives with her partner Keith Seanor, a 36-year-old cable layer, in Walkden.

School insiders acknowledge that at least three of the students Codie refused to sit with had recently arrived in this country and spoke little English.

But they say her comments afterwards raised further concerns, for example allegedly referring to the students as “blacks” – something she denied yesterday.

The school is now investigating exactly what happened before deciding what action – if any – to take against Codie.

Headteacher Dr Antony Edkins said: “An allegation of a serious nature was made concerning a racially motivated remark by one student towards a group of Asian students new to the school and new to the country.”

“We aim to ensure a caring and tolerant attitude towards people and pupils of all ethnic backgrounds and will not stand for racism in any form.”

Fewer than two per cent of pupils at Harrop Fold come from an ethnic minority.

It had the worst GCSE results in the entire Salford LEA last year with just 15 per cent of pupils achieving five good passes including English and maths, a third of the national average.

Since being placed in special measures, Ofsted inspectors say it has improved, not least as a result of Dr Edkins’s “outstanding” leadership.

Salford was at the centre of a storm last April after a ten-year-old boy was hauled before a court for allegedly calling an 11-year-old mixed race pupil a ‘Paki’ and ‘Bin Laden’ in a playground argument at a primary school in Irlam.

When the case came before District Judge Jonathan Finestein he said the decision to prosecute showed “how stupid the whole system is getting”.

But was himself fiercely attacked by teaching union leaders for “feeding a pernicious agenda” that aided the BNP.

The prosecution was eventually dropped.

Last night Robert Whelan, deputy director of the Civitas think-tank, said: “It’s obviously common sense that pupils who don’t speak English cause problems for other pupils and for teachers.”

“I’m sure this sort of thing happens all the time, but it’s a sad reflection on the school if they can’t deal with it without involving the police.”

“A lot of these arrests don’t result in prosecutions – they aim is to frighten us into self-censorship until we watch everything we say.”

Greater Manchester Police denied Codie had been kept in a cell but would not comment further.


IRONY: The anti-bullying zealots are often the nastiest bullies on the block:

….because the attacks of the ‘anti-bullying loons are almost always directed at Christians (the last group of Americans that are not protected from hate, intolerance, harassment, ridicule and violence–in fact, attacking Christians is celebrated by the Left).

As usual, the Homo-lobby is at the forefront of the aggression:

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  1. UK: Schoolgirl arrested for refusing to study with non-English pupils…Seven years ago…

    1. That’s what happens when people send in stuff without pointing out that its dated.

      But tell me then, is it no longer relevant? Has the situation improved or worsened for native Brits, or French or Germans or Belgians who are being forced to put up with the Islamic invasion and the PC enablers who aid and abet this treason?

      And tell me, is the murder of Gavin Hopley no longer relevant because it happened in 2002? Are you (or anyone you know) keeping track of the ongoing murder spree by Mohammedans that killed more 8000 Germans since 9/11?

      To this day, no one has been charged with his murder.

      Police fear new riots as white youth dies after fight being attacked by Muslim thugs

      by KEITH BEABEY, Mail on Sunday

      Extra police were on standby this weekend amid fears of race riots after a white teenager died following an alleged attack by a group of Asians Muslim thugs.

      Not ‘race riots’- jihad.

      This wasn’t a murder committed by Hindus or Buddhists. This wasn’t violence committed by Chinese or Koreans. This was jihad, religiously mandated Mohammedan slaughter of infidels.

      The reinforcements were drafted into the town of Oldham, Greater Manchester, scene of bitter race riots between gangs of white and Asian Mohammedan youths last summer. Police also fear that the National Front could march on the town following the incident.

      The moves follow the death of Gavin Hopley, who was attacked after he mistakenly wandered into the town’s Glodwick area – a hotbed of racial tension in the town.

      Gavin, 19, who worked for a local shopping centre security firm, was with two friends trying to find a taxi to take them home in the early hours of last Saturday when the attack happened.

      They were suddenly surrounded by at least a dozen Asian youths, some armed with lumps of wood and heavy clubs. After a scuffle, Gavin was left unconscious in the road. His friends escaped, one of them leaping a garden fence before being rescued from his tormentors by Good Samaritan Mohammed Umar and his family.

      Gavin was found by a passer-by and taken to the intensive care unit of North Manchester General Hospital. He was on the critical list for a week, but failed to regain consciousness. He died late on Friday night.

      The teenager lived with his parents in Whitworth, a small town about seven miles north of where he was attacked. At his home yesterday, his family was too distraught to talk of what happened.

      But a police spokesman said: ‘The racial aspect is an open question at the moment. Clearly, it is one of the strands of the investigation, but we can’t nail that down at the moment.’

      After the attack, three Asian men, Pongki Miah, 38, Suleiman Hussain, 34, of Landseer Street, Glodwick, and Ruhel Miah, 21, of Frederick Street, Oldham, were charged with grievous bodily harm.

      But after the teenager’s death, police were yesterday questioning the men further. A police spokesman said: ‘We are now investigating a murder.’

      Earlier, another Asian youth, 18-year-old Zallal Udin, of Glodwick, appeared before local magistrates charged with stealing a watch and chain belonging to Gavin. And a 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in the same court accused of violent disorder. Both were remanded in custody and are due back in court on Wednesday.

      Two other un-named men, one a 29-year-old and the other aged 20, also from Glodwick, were arrested yesterday on suspicion of murder.

      Police are appealing to local people to keep calm.

      ‘We hope they will let the police deal with this,’ said a senior officer. ‘It would seem Mr Hopley and his friends had enjoyed a night out when they got involved in a dispute with a gang of Asians. We don’t know what sparked the attack.’

      However, tension was mounting in the town yesterday, where shopkeepers were preparing to board up their stores.

      One local resident said: ‘They claim there is not a no-go area in this town. But if you put a foot in the wrong street, you could easily end up like young Gavin.’

      Read more:

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  2. What can I say, this country is a absolute laughing stock, we harbour terrorists, allow illegal immigrants to enter to sponge off the state with no idea what background they have, the majority of serious crime is committed by these so called asylum seekers, we cannot keep tabs on half of them, i could go on and on and on, and then we arrest a schoolgirl for not wanting to sit with a bunch of immigrants of whom she has absolutely nothing in common, has she no rights then! No because she was born in this country and has no rights to free speech, the world is certainly going mad, I am so glad that when “ca”moron” is voted out by the people and UKIP are voted in we can finally start to straighten this country out, get out of Europe with their crazy laws and start deporting the people that should not be here anyway.

  3. I Stand and applaud this school girl. If only our other children had the same guts to show that it is not racist to be British and not want to be converted by the dirty filth they call Muslim.
    Muslim is not a religion nor a race it is a way of life that say’s it is their DUTY to convert non-muslims or kill the non-believer (see the Qua-ran for further evidence).
    Therefore it is not about race whatsoever and therefore can not be racist.

  4. of course it is still highly relevant the date/ year it happened are academic as nothing has got any better! In fact if anything it has deteriorated further, white English people are STILL victims in their own country, the numbers of muslim , non white and non English speaking pupils in schools has NOT DROPPED it has grown. My son had a similar thing happen in his college just last year with a “Mature” student who hardly spoke a word of English and then blamed him because she couldn’t understand the language, this went on for weeks, till my son was coming home every day in tears (at 19 years of age) because he was being accused of being racist. I had to lose my rag! My biggest bugbear is that if a white man is attacked in the UK by blacks or muslims it’s JUST an attack, but if a Muslim or a black is attacked by whites it’s deemed a “Racist Attack” why is that?! Because this country has been emasculated by political correctness gone mad! We are all too afraid of being labeled racists or fascists, it’s pathetic! So yes these stories are old, are they relevant YES more so now than when they happened because this situation worsens daily! In case anyone missed it we had a soldier BEHEADED in the streets of our capital city by jihadi muslims! His funeral takes place this week, just 2 weeks after armed forces day, and just 2 days after David Camoron and Nick Clogg released Ramadan videos closely followed by David Miliband, OUR JOKE of a government thought this was the right thing to do! What F*C*IN* planet are they living on!

  5. School girls: the Taliban shoot ’em, the Brits arrest ’em.

    Apparently, the Brits take their dhimmitude very seriously.

  6. Britain has more CCTV surveillance than the rest of the world combined – yet can never seem to identify nor arrest any muslim perps – maybe all those swarthy darkies look alike to the filth?

    Still – ARRESTED for alleged “racism!?”

    I’d have done things to that cop and to those school “officials” by now…

    Just sayin!’


  7. I wouldn’t say it’s no longer relevant, not by a long shot. I’d like to know where this 21 yr old woman is now though and what effect this incident had on her…

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