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Andrew Bolt:

Where are the detainees actually going to stay in PNG?

How many boat people can PNG actually accept?

Meanwhile, refugee processing has been halted on Nauru, where riots on Friday caused an estimated $60 million damage and left six asylum seekers in hospital. On Saturday, 125 asylum seekers were being held at the Nauru jail and 24 at the police watchhouse.


All 550 asylum seekers will now have to sleep in tents and marquees until replacement facilities can be built.

The children, the children:

180396-110822-australia-malaysia-refugeesWhy is Malaysia not a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention?


Tim Blair 

The ABC’s PNG correspondent Liam Cochrane shares his organisation’s new-found concern over Islamic integration:

The people I spoke to on the streets of Port Moresby were quite negative in their reaction to it. One man said he was concerned about the influx of people of a different culture, a different religion coming here with different ideas and how that would affect society. Another man said: “Why should we take these people in when the government here in PNG can’t even look after its own people?” 

This was reported entirely without judgment.

Other Blairish Observations: