“This is not Kenya’s war. This is an international war,” — Uhuru Kenyatta

‘This is not Kenya’s war’

But of course it is. This is not the first and not the last time the global jihad hit Kenya.

Gunfire erupts outside Kenya’s besieged mall

Kenyan special forces are still battling “one or two” al-Shabab fighters holed up inside Nairobi’s Westgate centre. Sources said the fighters were located and isolated on one of the upper floors of the complex.  The official death toll stands at 62 and more than 170 have been injured. There are fears the death toll will rise further. (Al Jizz)

Mustard Grievances

South Swiss voters back ban on full-face veil

Move by Switzerland’s Italian-speaking region is condemned by country’s Muslim community and Amnesty International. (They are free to leave.)


EU police officer shot dead in Kosovo


Tens of thousands living in temporary shelters in northern state after fleeing from communal violence Islamic jihad. 

Tens of thousands of people are living in temporary shelters in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh after fleeing from religious violence earlier this month. Police say more than 40 people have been killed and homes burnt during fights between Hindus and Muslims residing in neighbouring villages.


One thought on ““This is not Kenya’s war. This is an international war,” — Uhuru Kenyatta”

  1. It would be nice if a muslim, any muslim, could actually grow balls and acknowledge the damage that his/her religion has done to millions over the 1500 years or so since a violent arab tribal leader called mohammed crawled out if its shell and spewed its vile beliefs onto an unsuspecting population. I am actually so incredibly angry about what these muslims thugs did to an innocent father in London, a group of nurses in Yemen, thousands of Hindus and Buddhists in India and the sub-contininent, the hotel guests in Mumbai, the folks from the Jweish center in Mumbai, the innocents doing their weekend shopping in Nairobi, the 3000+ in NYC, folks in a recruiting center in the USA, …. the list goes on. And still the muslime cretins keep bleating that nothing is their fault, that they have been misunderstood and so on …. ad nauseum. However folks, there is a bright light – despite our anger we have never behaved like these mindless sub-intelligent automatons that drone “my god is the greatest” with boring monotony – and we have remained human despite the intense provocations of these creeps. That indeed is a victory of the highest order, and it is a victory that goes well beyond the primitive intellects of the muslim morons that believe they need to destroy all that they cannot understand.

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