Fear of Returning Head Choppers from Syria, and the Daughters of the Jihad Death Cult

Labor MP Michael Danby calls for debate on Australians fighting in Syria conflict

Michael Danby says there should be a debate about Australian citizens fighting in the Syrian civil war. Up to 200 Australians are thought to be fighting in Syria. He is concerned they might bring their “so-called skills” back to Australia.

What’s there to debate? They need to be stripped of citizenship and returned to the Islamic hellhole of their choice, asap.

Scott Morrison flags block on Australians returning home after fighting in Syria

“by far the largest number” means Australia has by far the most radical headbangers behind what they consider to be enemy lines….. 4757462-3x2-940x627

Robert Spencer in PJ Lifestyle: Daughters of the Jihad Death Cult

Nothing says “I’m just not that into you” quite like giving your wife a suicide vest. My latest in PJ Lifestyle:

Last Monday in the Russian city of Volgograd, a 30-year-old woman from Dagestan named Naida Akhiyalova boarded a bus. Akhiyalova, a convert to Islam, soon afterward exploded a jihad-martyrdom suicide bomb vest, killing herself, murdering six other people, and injuring over 30 more. The vest, as it turned out,was a gift from Akhiyalova’s 22-year-old husband, Dmitry Sokolov, himself also a convert to Islam.– There is more.

4 thoughts on “Fear of Returning Head Choppers from Syria, and the Daughters of the Jihad Death Cult”

  1. Muslims with Australian identity papers who deliberately choose to the lands they fled from to fight prompted by their islamic should either have their passports stripped – or be jailed on their return and have assets confiscated. If it was made a criminal offence to fight for islamic causes – that would stop all but the most deluded in their tracks.

  2. If Australia can’t repatriate Iranians who are deemed to not be genuine refugees because Iran refuses to accept them, then surely the Australian Government could do the same with those “Australians” returning from Syria??

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