Wilders Calls Cecilia Malmström the “Hippie From Sweden”

Even a drug addled hippie would have more sense than this lunatic female.
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As reported on the Gates of Vienna last week, Geert Wilders gave a speech in Turin on December 15 at the invitation of the Lega Nord. Below is a video of his speech (in English, with simultaneous translation into Italian) courtesy of the Padania chapter of Lega Nord.

The Concept of Sovereignty

Mr. Wilders departed from the prepared text at several points during his speech. Of particular note is his reference to European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström as “the hippie from Sweden”:


2 thoughts on “Wilders Calls Cecilia Malmström the “Hippie From Sweden””

  1. Well done Mr. Wilders – the description of Ms. Maelstrom (spelling intended) is very appropriate.

  2. “1 world-1people equal rights” a sign read. tell that to the whites being slaughtered & pushed out of Africa! then tell that to the black Christians being slaughtered & pushed out of Africa! but black muslems can invade Israel & Europe & make Demands? wake-up

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