Pali losers demand: East Jerusalem, Israeli withdrawal and refugees….

We want it all and we want it now:

Pali “President” Mahmoud Abbas’ red lines in any framework peace agreement with Israel include East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital and an Israeli withdrawal from all Palestinian territories within four years, Ramallah-based newspaper Al-Ayyam reported Wednesday.

Now, what about Israel?

He’s from Algeria, and though he describes himself as “Arab and Muslim” he is clearly a non-practicing, non-believing Muslim (the formulation often encountered is that someone is “a cultural Muslim” or “culturally, a Muslim”) and it is unclear, too, if he is an Arab, and identifies with Arabs, or is possibly Berber, or part-Berber, and resents Arab supremacism for which Islam is a vehicle.

It hardly matters. His article is remarkable, and so is he, Abdel Bioud:

Arab, Muslim and pro-Israel

If you’re a citizen there, your basic freedoms are respected. You can live peacefully, raise a family, and send your kids to competitive and globally recognized universities. This simple basic respect for human dignity put them light-years ahead of any Arab state. As a human being who seeks to improve himself, Israel is a logical choice. It is the only place in the Middle East where your potential can be fully expressed. Based on the values it stands for and the principles that it was founded on, Israel is a force of good for that region and for the world. And remember, this is not coming from a Jewish or an Israeli individual. It’s coming from someone with a Muslim name and an Arab face (which looks pretty good by the way), who actually lived and was raised in an Arab country.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the infidels are waking up

quam magnus numerus Libysae harenae  (Hugh Fitzgerald)

That’s how many attacks there are in Libya, or in the Muslim world, or so at least it seems, every day. Here a bomb explodes, there grenades are thrown, over there the Syrian regime rolls out the barrel-bombs and we can all have a barrel of fun, and so on. It’s taking its toll and having its effect on the minds of non-Muslims everywhere. And as they take in the attacks, the violence, the aggression, they harden their hearts in the soft West, and regard with envy how those without complexes — as the monks in Burma — or those naturally given to ruthless behavior, such as the Chinese in Xinjiang and the Russians in the Caucasus — deal with Musliims.

This reaction is not expressed openly. Few there be who openly express their satisfaction at the counter-attacks against Muslims in Asia or Africa, or express openly their relief when the violence of Muslims is directed at other Muslims, and shows no signs of stoppping.

Think about how the recent news of the  that Muslim car-bombing instructor’s blowing up of himself and his 20 students, somewhere in Anbar Province in Iraq, and the wounding of twenty more novitiates in mass death, has been met with all over the Western world with contempt, with amusement, even with hilarity. The response of so many non-Muslims to that event has been both revealing and salutary. For now, more and more, those who still do not dare  state openly what they  now feel and think about Islam and Muslims, are showiing in their reactions their own growing suspicion, distaste, hostility, even hatred, for the ideology of Islam and for those who bring it with them, as carriers,and as missionaries, into the midst of our own societies, where its teachings, its laws and its spiriit, flatly contradict everything that makes the West the West. finally, for those in the government and the mass media whose duty it is to protect and instruct us, and who did not so, but because of their own ignorance, their own criminal negligence, in both the government and the media, though it was their duty to know, decades ago in Europe, before allowing Muslims in, to find out what Islam was all about and what the presence of its adherents would undoubtedly mean for the indigenous non-Muslims. Look at France, look at Germany, look at Great Britain. In each of those countries, people of a different nationality — Maghrebins (Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians), Turks, Pakistanis form the main local community of Muslims, but it is not their country of origin, the fact of being Algerian or Moroccan, or Turk, or Pakistani, that explains the failure of those immigrants to integrate, to accept the laws and customs of the countries in which they have been allowed to settle, but what has been dinned into their heads since childhood, what suffuses their lives, and creates the prism through which they view the universe, that is, Islam.

It is not possible for those who think not to begin to notice, and to ponder, all this. For a while, they may continue to put off this need, for it’s all so upsetting that many find it difficult to think things through, and to realize that methods and attitudes that they would never have dreamt of adopting are necessary if their own societies, their own homes — for your country is your home — are to survive, and to survive in a state other than one of permanent insecurity and unpleasantness. Some will find it possible to prevent themselves from thinking by noting that so many of those ringing the alarms are not our sort, are sometimes insufficiently articulate, or humorless, or coarse, or exaggerated in their expression, or possessing views on other matters that are easy to dismiss, and thus for some call into question their reliability on the subject of Islam. But despite these obstacles, little by little, reality is breaking in, making a breach in the wall.

As many as the Libyan sands, that’s how many reports are coming in, from the Philippines and Indonesia, from Australia and Burma and China, from Malaysia and Bangladesh, from Thailand, from India and Pakistan and Afghanistan and everywhere that Muslims are now to be found, reports from which non-Muslims are, in many cases reluctantly, hesitatingly, slowly, drawing deductions, forming judgments, making up their minds.

That’s good.