Update on that Lebanese Shiite who married a 12-year old

Child Abuse Charges For (Musel-)man Who Married a 12-Year Old Girl

by Christina McIntosh

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, which has rather more detail than the ABC report I first came across.  Among other things, we discover that he was here on a “student” visa.  Our Immigration department, and Australian universities falling over themselves to admit Muslim “students’, should be suitably embarrassed.

“Child Abuse Charges for Man, 26, Who Claims He Married 12 Year Old Girl”.

This gets worse and worse. It appears she was just twelve when he “met” (how coyly put) and “married” her.  In other words: when one or both of her parents handed her over to him with the knowledge and sanction of their local mosque.  I would like to know the  name of that mosque and its imam and I’d like to know why the imam isn’t facing charges, too.  And the girl’s parents and all the other adults in her extended family. The mosque should be named, and shamed, and investigated…just in case it is conniving at or has connived at other underage “marriages”. And if it is: shut it down.  – CM

‘Student accused of having intercourse with girl he met at a mosque’.

Young adult men don’t just “meet” girls – especially not twelve-year-old girls – at mosques.  For one thing, mosques are sex-segregated.  he would have met her male adult relatives at the mosque, and a deal would have been done.  If the deal had not been already “done” between the families – his and the girl’s – before ever he came to Australia.  Question: is he a cousin? – CM

‘A Lebanese university student (that is: a Lebanese Muslim university student - CM) had only been in Australia for a matter of weeks when he laid his eyes on his future wife.

Methinks the deal – the sale, by one Mohammedan male to another, of one 12 year old female chattel or “tilth”, with Australian citizenship conveniently attached – had been arranged well before he left Lebanon. – CM

‘He did not seem to mind that she was only 12 years old.

Of course he didn’t. Mohammed wedded and bedded a mere nine-year-old. And Mohammmed is the “perfect man”, the perfect model of conduct for all pious Mohammedan males. – CM

“The 26 year old stepped off a plane in Sydney last August with a student visa and the intention of furthering his education at the University of Newcastle.  At a local mosque (in Sydney or in Newcastle? I would like to know, and I would like to know the name of the mosque…why isn’t anyone telling? – CM) he met (sic: see my remarks above – CM) a 12 year old girl whom he would later marry during an Islamic ceremony.

In the mosque? If so, why is not the presiding cleric in court too, facing charges? -  CM

‘Police allege the accused took primary care of the young girl (in other words, her family handed her over to him; so why haven’t they all been arrested and hauled into court, as well, on charges of child abuse, pimping, etc.  – CM) and moved with her to a home in Sydney’s south-west.

‘In this home, he is accused of having sexual intercourse with the girl 25 times between January 1 and February 4.

Presumably this is based on testimony from the girl? – CM

‘He told police he married the girl earlier this year and does not believe he has done anything wrong.

Of course he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.  He’s a Mohammedan, piously emulating the example of Mohammed.  From the Mohammedan POV, because of Mohammed and Aisha, marital rape of a nine-year-old is sacralised by Mohammed’s marital rape of nine-year-old Aisha.  If a girl is over nine, she’s legal. – CM

‘Commander of the Child Abuse Squad, Detective Inspector Peter Yeomans, said it was hard to believe such terrible offences could occur to a girl at “an obviously very tender age”.

A police detective-inspector should know more about the world than that; and these days, every infidel law-enforcement officer should know about the rampant practice of child “marriage” among Mohammedans, which is justified and sanctified by Mohammed’s rape of Aisha. – CM

You have to take religion and culture out of it, and see it for what it is, a sexual assault of a 12 year old child”, Inspector Yeomans said.

If Inspector Yeomans simply meant to say that one should not accept religious or cultural excusesfor this sort of thing, that’s OK.  But if he is trying to pretend that there is no connection between the Muslim ideology of the man and of the girl’s parents, and this handing over of an underage girl to be maritally raped by a man twice her age in brazen and probably intentional breach of Australian infidel laws about marriage and the age of consent, he’s a fool.  Islam has got everything to do with this case. – CM

“In the end it is a 12 year old, [and] no matter how we look at [it] and how he wants to sway it culturally, ceremonies or anything else…he has been charged with hnumerous counts of sexual assault”, he said. “I was astonished in relation to the background of the information”.

Don’t be astonished, dear Detective-Inspector.  Instead, how about assuming, as your starting point, that mohammedans will feel totally entitled to break Australian law – law, for example, about how old a girl must be before she can legally consent to sexual intercourse, and to marriage – and that therefore you must also assume that there may be many, many other little girls out there, under the age of 15, and many of them even as young as eight or nine or ten, who may be suffering exactly what this girl has endured, but whom you just don’t know about, because nobody within the Mohammedan Mob is going to tell you about them, and because nobody else has figured out what is going on, and laid an information. – CM

‘Fairfax Media understands the accused tried to enrol the victim at a school close to their home, but was not able to, without legal guardianship.

It is believed he went to Centrelink  in order to become the girl’s legal guardian (and I wonder what kind of papers he was carrying, and what kind of story he had been primed to spin, given that he only arrived in Australia six months ago! – CM) but a government worker reported his application to NSW Police.

Presumably, a non-Muslim government worker. But one wonders how many Muslims are now embedded within Centrelink (and other government agency) offices in the most heavily Islamised suburbs of Sydney, and what might have happened, had he encountered a Muslim worker or workers prepared to “cover” for and enable his illegal and immoral activities.  And once there are enough Muslim school principals, and schoolteachers, and doctors, and midwives, strategically placed, how much hope will a girl like this have, of getting help on coming into contact with school or hospital?  – CM

‘On Thursday, child abuse squad detectives arrested the 26 year old and took him to Auburn Police Station.

Auburn.  Why am I not surprised. After Lakemba, our most heavily-Islamised suburb. – CM

‘He was charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child aged between 10 and 14.

‘At the time of his arrest, his child bride had turned 13.

‘The young girl was taken into the protection of Family and Community Services, where she will remain until a permanent home is found for her.

And I hope that someone at Family and Community Services has enough sense to see that she should not be placed in a Muslim home.  For her own safety, she must not be placed with Muslims.– CM

‘She has been medically examined and received counselling.

Her counsellor/s should not be Muslims. – CM

‘It is not clear whether the girl’s father and mother were aware of the union.

Pull the other leg, it has bells on.  Of course they knew, and probably the whole extended family knew.  I’d say it was the parents that handed her over to the bastard in the first place – he’s probably her father’s cousin, or something like that – and told her that she was marrying Cousin Ahmad, or else, and that she was going to live with Cousin Ahmed, or else, and that she would go to bed with Cousin Ahmad and let him do as he pleased to her, or else.   Possibly, however, the girl has been lying about it to protect her parents and the rest of the Mob…and because she knows she had better lie to protect them, or else. – CM

‘At Burwood Local Court on Friday the man sat silently in the dock wearing an orange, grey and white polo shirt and listened to the proceedings with the help of an Arabic interpreter.

If he doesn’t understand a word of English, he shouldn’t have been admitted to this country as a “student” in the first place.  The University of Newcastle should be copping a shower of flak over this.  The grovelling eagerness of Australian universities to admit malevolent foreign mohammedans as ‘students’ needs to be challenged, bigtime. – CM

‘Bail was not applied for but the magistrate Christopher Longley formally refused it.

The Mohammedan can go back to the dar al Islam after, not before, he has served his time for crimes committed. – CM

‘The accused’s lawyer said his client wished to make an applicatin for bail next Wednesday, February 12.

It had better not be granted; he’s sure to flit. – CM

‘The Family and Community Services Minister, Pru Goward, said she was “horrified” by the case.

“Whatever the cultural practice, whatever the religious practice, there is no law in Australia above Australian law”, she said.

Well said. Stick to that, Ms Goward; and don’t just say it, enforce it.  Put it in very large letters above every gateway to Australia.  Make it absolutely plain to every person who applies for Australian citizenship.  And since Mohammedans believe that the Sharia of Islam trumps all – and are quite prepared, as this latest affaire reveals, to obey the Sharia even when they know that doing so is in flagrant breach of Australian law –   you had better join the ranks of those who would like to see a complete ban on all further entry of Mohammedans to Australia.   – CM

“In this country, little girls have rights, and in particular they have the right to a childhood free of this sort of abuse.  That is what we are here as a country to uphold.”

“Ms Goward said she was aware that there was a large number of unlawful, unregistered marriages to under-age girls in NSW, particularly in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

It is in Western Sydney, to repeat, that one finds the most heavily-Islamised suburbs in Australia.  Non-Muslim law enforcement, medical personnel (for example, midwives in hospitals, and ambulance officers), and school teachers should be fully aware that Muslims see nothing wrong with the marrying-off of girls as young as eight or nine to much older men,  and should be keeping an eye out for little girls in distress.  Every one of those illegal, unregistered Muslim ‘marriages’ of underaged girls requires to be identified and investigated, and all adults involved require to be arrested and charged. If there is not a well-publicised hotline that such girls can safely call for help, then there ought to be. – CM

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