“We Muslims Pray For ISIS”

Youth club leader who lived Walter Mitty lifestyle and became first Briton to be prosecuted for joining ISIS in Syria is jailed for four years


Youth club leader is the first Briton to be prosecuted for travelling to Syria
Mashudur Choudhury only one of gang to return after attempt to join ISIS
But he returned to Britain after just 18 days after failing selection process
Court heard he planned to move family to Syria but wife thought it ‘barmy’
Has been dubbed Walter Mitty after lying to wife about having cancer
Borrowed £35,000 for ‘treatment’ but spent it on prostitutes and holidays
In May found guilty of preparing acts of terrorism and has now been jailed–Read more:  DailyMail 

THE father and a cousin of a runaway rapist, who fled to Europe during his trial, have been warned they face a prison sentence after admitting helping him to…–

This demented female is a true follower of the mass-murdering 7th century warlord Muhammad. 

What she says is pure islam.

Moderate musslim (24)
Wicked’ schoolgirl rapist loses appeal against convictions Shazad Rehman who has lost his appeal against his convictions for rape Bilal Hussain who was jailed…–CHRISTIANDEFENCELEAGUE.WORDPRESS.COM

UK: Algerian rights supersede the rights of Brits

Algerian migrant father can’t be kicked out of Britain
A migrant Muselmaniac from Algeria who threatened to torch his two daughters and ex-girlfriend cannot be thrown out of Britain – because of his ‘right to a family life’, in a case heard at the immigrant Upper Tribunal.
Picture of the Week

This photo from a few months back shows Afghans who
had their fingers cut off by the Taliban as punishment for voting.


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