Australia: more than 100,000 Muslims ready to join Islamic State

Australia, Foolishly, Keeps 288 Dangerous Muslims Inside the Gates Instead of Letting Them Go and Preventing Them From Returning

And, we are told, there are more than 100 000 – did I read that correctly? – more than 100 000!!! (out of a Mohammedan colony, on Australian soil, that is currently estimated to number around 500-600 000; which amounts to about 1 in 5 or 1 in 6 of that Mohammedan population…and yet people keep on trying to tell us it’s Only A Tiny Minority of Extremists??  Since when was 1 in 5 or 1 in 6 a “tiny minority”?? -) “who were seeking to leave the country”.


On Jihad bent, presumably.  Oh good god, just let them go! Let them all go! And don’t let them come back (assuming that they survive the experience of jihad-to-recreate-the-Caliphate-and-impose-sharia-in-all-its-perfection within the dar al Islam).  Then we would have 100 000 fewer Muslims, and a greatly reduced homeland security headache. 

A news report to set one tearing one’s hair out…and then taking up the pen, or keyboard, and firing off icily-furious letters to politicians, especially those who are supposed to be in charge of Defence, and Immigration, and Foreign Affairs.

In other news:

Hizb ut Tahrir sympathiser appointed as Defence Force imam
Apparently, the military would be more capable if it opened it’s doors to a community that fights for the enemy.–BERNARDGAYNOR.COM.AU

From the ABC, earlier this week.

“Nearly 300 People Stopped From Leaving to Fight in Middle East By Counter-Terrorism Officers: Dutton”.

“People”.  Translation: Muslims.  Devout, orthodox Muslims, the truest of true believers, truly, madly, deeply Muslim, rushing off to help restore the Caliphate and help it to grow, and grow and grow until there is nothing but Islam, Islam, Islam Uber Alles.  – CM

Counter-terrorism officers have stopped 288 people from leaving Australia to fight in the Middle East,Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says.

He might be pleased about this. I’m not. I would feel much safer if I knew that those 288 bloodthirsty Mohammedan males – and females – all fired-up to create a caliphate, to burn and loot churches, to seize and rape and force-convert terrified little Yazidi and Christian under-aged sex slaves, to cut off heads and boastfully video the process, to destroy the last surviving remnants of pre-Islamic beauty and culture all over Mesopotamia and Syria – were gone, gone, gone, far, far, away; rather than being kept here within our gates, running around loose, where sooner or later one or five or a dozen or more of them will Go Jihad on unsuspecting Australian infidels. – CM

‘Mr Dutton said the officers had either prevented people (sic – jihad-bent Muslims – CM) from boarding or had removed them from planes before they took off.

‘He said they had also assessed more than 100,000 people who were seeking to leave the country.

Like I said; did I read that right?  “More than 100,000”. That is something like 1 for every 5 or 6 Muslims that we currently have in this country. Frankly, if I was sure they were wanting to leave, I’d do nothing to stop them. But once I was reasonably sure they had flitted off to Syria, or Iraq, or for that matter, perhaps Yemen or Somalia and similar hotspots of jihad, then I would cause their Australian passports and their Australian citizenship, or residency, to cease to exist.  They choose Islamic State? They choose the Dar al Islam? Fine, let them have what they chose, let them have a gutful. Permanently.  Bed. Made. Lie.  They’re not ‘stateless”, as some handwringers like to complain; they have a State, the Islamic State, the State of Islam, de jure or de facto. – CM

“We will provide support to these officers because they are stopping these people going across to fight in the Middle East”, he said.

“They are stopping them when they come back to this country and this government, Madam Speaker, will absolutely stand up with these officers to keep the Australian public safe.”

How do you keep tabs, night and day, on 288 bent-on-jihad Mohammedans, snugly embedded within the human shield provided by the rest of the Ummah, the other 4 out of 5 or 5 out of 6?  And …more than 100 000?  How do you watch all of those, all of the time?  What happens when your vigilance slips?  Even in Israel, far more vigilant than Australia, there was that Muslim who went into the Mercaz Harav yeshiva and gunned down the scholars as they pored over their Torah books.  Yes, he was killed; but he killed and wounded many.  And there were those two Muslims, just two, who went into a synagogue and massacred the worshippers.  All it takes is one, or two.  And what if it isn’t one of those you know about, but another Muslim, clean-shaven, besuited and smiling, in a white-collar job, who suddenly…Goes Jihad, and starts slaughtering people by running them over with a car, or stabbing them in the back in the street?  It can happen, it does happen, it will happen. – CM

‘It comes as the Government revealed it cancelled the passports of 18 people suspected of involvement in terrorist activity (that is: “18 Muslims who were suspected of being about to Go Jihad” – CM) in the last three months.

Did they cancel those passports before, or after the suspects had left the country?  If before…WHY?  In the name of God, why??  There is no point in keeping them here, sending our homeland security expenses bill through the roof because of the cost of having to keep tabs on these 18 people…and all the rest of them, to the tune of 288, or of 100 000+…who represent, so long as they are running loose in our midst, a permanent and increasing menace to every single non-Muslim citizen of Australia. And if they were imprisoned, or to use different terminology, interned…then that also would be hideously expensive, and – unless they were segregated in Muslim-only prisons – leaves them free to conduct Prison Dawa and their recruiting others to the Allah Gang. – CM

‘The Department of Foreign Affairs said it had also suspended the passports of nine other people since last December’.

‘Nine other “people”. I bet my bottom dollar that every last one of those nine “people” is a Muslim. And yet again, for the 1000th time…why, why, why must we keep them here?  Suspend their passports, yes…after they have departed for Syria and Iraq, after they have posted or tweeted their joining of the Islamic State.  Not before. – CM

‘Department officials told a Senate estimates hearing that 118 passports had been cancelled in the last two and a half years.

Before or after their departure to join Islamic State?  If before, I have to say that I don’t feel safe; I feel distinctly unsafe. – CM

‘The Government is considering a separate proposal to revoke people’s citizenship if they are suspected of fighting for terrorist groups.

Do it.  Please. Don’t ‘consider’ it. Do it.  But…time to grasp the nettle. Don’t use vague terminology like “terrorist groups”.  The legislation must be worded to specifically state that any Muslim, holding Australian citizenship, who  joins – or in any other way provides aid and comfort for, or recruits people to join or to aid and comfort – Islamic State or any other Muslim body engaged in the waging of jihad, will be stripped of their Australian citizenship and, if within the country rather than outside of it when their adherence to said Islamic jihad outfit is demonstrated, deported. It’s time to recognise that we are dealing with Fifth Columnists. – CM

‘Prime Minister Tony Abbott confronted colleagues earlier this week after details of a Cabinet row about a contentious proposal to give the Immigration Minister the power to strip citizenship from Australians linked to terrorism (that should be, “the power to strip citizenship from Australia-resident Muslims who engage in, materially support and/ or recruit for combat Jihad” – CM) emerged late last week in Fairfax newspapers.

It is time that all Islamosavvy Australian infidels made it clear, to all our politicians, that we want three things done, quickly. 1/ Let all these manifestly-and-immediately dangerous Muslims – those who are hankering and planning to join the Islamic State, the nascent Caliphate – depart.  2/ Prevent them, at all costs, from ever returning. 3/ End all further entry of Muslims into Australia, not as tourists or refugees or immigrants or businessmen or “students”. Not. one. more. should we accept. Because – as is demonstrated abundantly by the figures in this article – where there are Muslims, there is Jihad.  Fewer Muslims = less Jihad.  More Muslims = More Jihad.  So why, why, why are we so hell-bent on keeping them here rather than allowing hundreds and even thousands of them to deport themselves back to the dar al Islam?   – CMclear

Post scriptum. I recognise that Aussie-passport-holding jihadis who go to Iraq and Syria may well cause harm to my fellow Infidels in those places. It is a hard decision to have to make. But if those jihadis are prevented from joining Islamic State (or other such entities) and are kept here – on the loose – it wouldn’t make much – or even any- difference to what those fellow Infidels are already suffering from the Muslims over there..and it will, sooner or later, add to the total infidel death toll, when said jihadis slip under the radar and start killing Aussies, HERE. If infidel Australia, and other Infidel lands, can become safer – can become jihad-free zones, gradually freeing themselves of their burden of Mohammedan Fifth Columnists, then there will be somewhere safe to which persecuted and hopelessly-outnumbered infidels such as the Christians of Syria can hope (and be assisted) to flee. I should perhaps have added a fourth demand that can and must be made: that *instead* of importing Muslims, we should be finding ways of offering rescue and refuge precisely to those desperately-imperilled Syrian and Iraqi Christians and Yazidi. Ways and means could be found. Suppose that we let every single one of those 100,000 “contemplating departure for Jihad” Mohammedans leave…and then, discreetly, perhaps via the French and the Russians, opened the door for carefully-vetted (to eliminate fakes) Syrian and Iraqi **Christian** refugees? Let 100 000 Muslims go and, in exchange, take in…100,000 persecuted non-Muslims. Remove the Christian and Yazidi prey from the killing fields…or else openly or covertly arm and train them, and them alone, so that they can defend themselves and take out the would-be predators, right there on their – Assyrian Christian and Yazidi – home turf.

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  1. Not even One islam in Australia !
    Even the dead ones are exumed !
    (not even a convert/revert left behind)

    – Beautiful
    – again !!

  2. 100 000 x $700 per fortnight. How can you argue with that in savings , 18 million a year. If they don’t want to be here why stop them. Forcing them to stay where they don’t want to be is dangerous. At least they can be prevented from returning once gone.

  3. Load them on a rubber raft & give them a push towards the South (towards the Antarctic. NOT TOWARDS THE U.S.A.!) And let them GO!

  4. Why keep them here to vent their frustrations on the Australian public.Are the government foolish enough to think they will sit back and accept this ,no they will kill or injure more innocent people .and think of the cost of monitoring 288 plus 24/7 .One way ticket

  5. Claims that the Australian politicians are paying $5,000 for the boats of invaders to be turned around – WASTED money.

    I strongly suggest that we advise the Mossad and any mercenaries that want to earn some BEER MONEY, that we will pay $5,000 per head of former Australian jihadists leaving our country. Supplying photos and all necessary details of the jihadists and their family.

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