EURABIA: governments are planning to take your property to make it available to “refugees”

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Soyons prêts à accueillir des migrants  dans nos foyers, de gré ou de force…  La submersion actuelle de l’Europe n’est pas un fantasme, n’en déplaise a…    RESISTANCEREPUBLICAINE.EU

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Europe: your government is  planning to take your property to make it available to “refugees”

Let us be ready to welcome migrants in our homes, willingly or by force …
 The current flood of Europe is not a fantasy, not in deference to experts from TV sets, but a very dangerous reality.

Overwhelmed by the unprecedented influx of migrants, Western governments, the orders of the good Samaritans of the EU, no longer know how to manage the humanitarian disaster looming. So they cater to people to help them and appeal to their good heart, before proceeding to the next step, imposed by force of law the reception of migrants, by requisitioning of their property unoccupied. And if that was not enough, given the interrupted flow, they will lay citizens to welcome them into their home … while relegating the owners in the cellars, in order to accommodate these poor dignity “refugees”?

In Italy, an extravagant solution was suggested to the Mayor of Rome, bankrupt city by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior Domenico Manzione, proposed that the Mayor of Rome hastened to accept with enthusiasm more touching. (Source: Marino Finanzia gli immigrati: 900 euro al mese a chi li ospita: It
“Propose immigrants in foster care against a salary of 900 Euros / month, taken on public finances, which is 30 Euros / day for a refugee child or adult. “

To set an example to the good people, all members of the government should not make the first move and stay free in their respective families one of these poor refugees in search of a better life ?

They might as well live a rewarding experience to finally be connected to the reality of the famous “living together” they impose so kindly to others – without asking their opinion.

But do not dream.

Miscegenation and all the supposed “benefits” of multiculturalism, is reserved for the little people, not the elite, and already this proposal raises a tide of controversy. While many families in need could be attracted by the idea, many questions regarding the control of host families and the risks they remain unresolved. If the guest is Muslim, the majority of these refugees being from “pious” Muslim countries, does the host family must change its way of life, to make halal compliant, in order not to offend sensitivity “religious” and thus avoid accusations of racism and Islamophobia?

 In Belgium :

“Given the urgency of the situation of migrants, the bishops of Belgium and Caritas launched an appeal for solidarity. They ask the faithful owners to their property available to refugees, for a low rent that will be settled by Caritas.

Yesterday, Pope Francis called Catholics to mobilize for the reception of migrants and refugees. An appeal heard in Belgium. “We’re in a hurry, said Tommy Scholtes, spokesman of the Episcopal Conference, the microphone of our reporter Christopher Giltay. A few months ago I heard the Pope in Strasbourg, talking about the Mediterranean, which threatened to become the graveyard of Europe. I said: we must move. And things only get worse. This required global mobilisations of the whole Church of Belgium and also to Caritas International for organizing this reception. “
Caritas seeks small apartments for one person but also places a little more spacious for families. The housing must be habitable, available at least six months and be provided with sanitary and kitchen.
It’s Caritas that ensures the payment of rent and any pretrial. This is preferable to the direct reception that some people would offer migrants. “We thought we would have a solution by finding responsible owners to accommodate migrants and ensure they can actually be hosted and integrated into society”, explained François Cornet, director of Caritas International .

It must be said that the needs are enormous. Although the initiative was launched by the Catholic Church, the apartments will be made available to all migrants, regardless of nationality or religious beliefs. “(Source: RTL / Info)

The response to this call were very brightly: they go from indignation, the expression of a deep feeling of injustice because the Belgians living in poverty, the homeless, families waiting for social housing 2-3 years, seem not to arouse benevolent attention of Belgian bishops or Caritas. Priority migrants! This selective charity of the Catholic Church revolt citizens.

In Germany,

There is no longer an appeal to good feelings of the inhabitants, but downright requisition of empty private homes, via a temporary restriction of the fundamental right to property, looming.

“The mayor of Salzgitter, Frank Klingebiel (CDU), has decided to restrict” temporarily “the fundamental right to property. Due to the massive influx of asylum seekers, the mayor intends to requisition empty private homes.

The mayor promised that owners will be compensated. How many ? By who ? For how long ? How would an owner who wants to regain use of his property? In what condition the owner he will regain his property and who will pay the reordering costs after rampage?
This measure, which falls within the “democratic totalitarianism” is supported by the federal government recognized the need to adapt to “an emergency” laws. To notably change the legal requirements regarding construction to build new housing for asylum seekers.
The Mayor of Salzgitter also called for cities to embark on new loans to finance the asylum migrants!

The scandal is all the greater that Europe has many citizens who live in poverty and lack access to services for immigrants. “
Source: Beschlagnahmung leerstehender Zeit für Flüchtlinge…/asyl-irrsinn-erster-cdu-oberbuerg..)(traduit MPI)

How then wonder at the multiplication of anti-immigration protests, anti-Islamization and violence aimed homes or homes of migrants future: Germany is facing a record influx of asylum seekers, which should expect the number 800,000 this year.


Finally a responsible government! The sun would rise to the hope he in the East?
The Slovak government said last Wednesday he would accept only Christian among 200 Syrian refugees to be welcomed as part of the refugee resettlement plans of the European Union.
The spokesman of the Ministry of Interior Ivan Metik, emphasized that Muslims will not be accepted because “they would not feel at home”, among other reasons because there is no mosques in the country.

“We want to help Europe with this wave of immigration, but we are only a transit country, people do not want to stay in Slovakia,” said Slovak spokesman on British television BBC.

The Prime Minister said that his country does not have to accommodate refugees from conflicts in which it played no role. Referring to the NATO intervention against Libya Muammar Gaddafi, Robert Fico and asked the question that angry, “Who bombed Libya. Which has created problems in North Africa? Slovakia? No”.

The Slovak opinion also seems more than reluctant to hosting refugees. Thus, a village near the Slovak capital, Bratislava, recently held a referendum on whether to temporarily house 500 asylum seekers. 97% of voters are denied it.

Yet, Muslims represent 0.2% of the 5 million people in the country. In 2014, Slovakia has granted asylum only 14 people (Source: MPI)
Response Thomas de Maizière, German Interior Minister during a television interview: “It would then be time to build mosques in Slovakia. “!!!
With such politicians, all to the cause of Islam, the Caliph of the Islamic State of murderers can continue to stroke his beard, welcomed the mine and his dream of conquering the West.
I suggest to post signs at the borders of countries disbelievers, stormed by “refugees” Mohammedans:

“To you, members of the community that is better, according to Allah, you enter a Judeo-Christian country, an unclean country. We are the people you curse in your daily prayers several times a day. Why do you want to enter the country monkeys and donkeys, most vile creatures that are, in your holy book? Do not you fear to defile you from them? “

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  1. And then what? What about food? When will Europeans be put on the halal menu? Will their very bodies be requisitioned to accommodate these “desperate” people?

  2. Re: ““Given the urgency of the situation of migrants, the bishops of Belgium and Caritas launched an appeal for solidarity. They ask the faithful owners to their property available to refugees, for a low rent that will be settled by Caritas.”

    … and people still wonder why that nasty Dracula guy killed so many of “his own countrymen” and clergy.

  3. I am sick of watching these elites in Europe (and the US, Australia, Canada) plot to destroy us by injecting Islam into our societies. Maybe one day they will get their just reward, but it won’t matter. The destruction will have been done.

    1. True, too late now. But, is it their fault alone though ? Had the public been sane in the West we would have thrown them out years ago ( but wallet eh, holidays and luxuries all of which are going soon as Govenments becoming bankrupt and too many ” refugees” see:enemy invaders, to help ) and it is the useful idiot public voting for charlatan useful idiots in this age of information I am more scared of. Personal responsibility of every citizen in a democracy must also be taken into account, they are all not innocent public, do they not brag how educated and ” intellectual” they are ? And especially the commies of the sixties and seventies now running institutions. Traitors only and they will be hated by those they betrayed and those they betrayed for ,as useful idiots are always got rid of first when the totalitarian power takes over. See i.e. Yuru Bezmenov on youtube, a former KGB and defector.

  4. They are willing to keep throwing everyone else to the wolves, to appease the wolves. But eventually they too will be eaten. The only answer is to kill the wolves. their grand children will suffer for the decisions that they make today. And I could wish no greater justice upon them.

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