Bernard Gaynor, the ADF, Islam and Australian Values

Do yourself a favour and listen to this youtube presentation by Major Bernard Gaynor, one of the first candidates to run for the Australian Liberty Alliance:

Former Army Intelligence Officer Bernard Gaynor presents an unfiltered insider view into the mindset of the current ADF leadership.

Politically correct blindness as to the motivation of the enemy combined with a policy to accommodate the desires of minority pressure groups over traditional Australian values, increasingly confuses, alienates and endangers our men and women in uniform.

Is this the ‘Rainbow ADF’ to protect Australia in the volatile years ahead?

Ashura, in Sydney

Its that time of year again:

HUGE MUSLIM RALLY YESTERDAY requiring at least 300 police, shutting down streets in Sydney, no media coverage.
Silence from the government.
Silence from the press.
Silence from the so-called left-wing.
Hardly any information available – all footage and photos uploaded by Muslim attendees or locals.See More

12th Annual Ashura Australia Procession Walk 2015 – Sydney – Hyde Park !