Mahmoud Rubs It

Mahmoud Abbas Says Israel ‘Executed’ Teen Who Is Still Alive

Fakestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas told Palestinians in a televised address earlier this week that Israel had “executed” a 13-year-old boy in “cold blood.” However, the boy in question is still alive in an Israeli hospital.

The teen was injured while attempting to stab two Israel Jews–one a child–to death in a Jerusalem neighborhood Monday. The attack was the latest in a series of knifings encouraged by Palestinian political and religious leaders.

PLO Leader Mahmoud Abbas incting his people and lying again

The Obamster regime gets worse by the day:

Obama Regime Responds to Pali Terror Wave by Accusing Israel of Terrorism

As usual, Israel is under terrorist siege by the Muslims surrounding and infiltrating it, this time in the form of “random” knife attacks that have been promoted on Palestinian television. What better time for the world’s leading financier of Islamic terror (i.e., the Obama Administration) to accuse Israelis of being terrorists?

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UK Muslims And Extremism Islam – Part 3: ‘There Is No Anti-Muslim ‘Conspiracy’

The Threat From Radicals Is Real’

The threat posed by Muslim extremism is real; it’s growing; and the notion of an anti-Muslim “conspiracy’’ as alleged in some quarters is a load of nonsense. The wave of British Muslims heading for jihad, for example, is not anyone’s invention. Nor are the threatening boasts some of them have been heard and seen making in online videos with one saying that he would return home only when he is able to “raise the black flag of Islamic State” over Buckingham Palace.

Islamic State flag flies in the Philippines

Andrew Bolt

Now the Islamic State flag is flown by Abu Sayaf terrorists in the Philippines as they parade their new Western hostages:

Imbecilic trash from Soddy Barbaria:

Anti-Islam rallies in the US threaten world peace

Samar Fatany

Anti-Islam rallies that are reportedly being organized nationwide in the US today are an alarming development that is a real threat to humanity.

Hate rallies and violence against innocent Muslims are a painful phenomenon that can only fuel further hate and enhance terrorist designs to escalate tensions and radicalize more Muslims taking us further away from universal peace and global coexistence.

CAIR, America’s largest civil liberties and advocacy organization with a mission to build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding, has issued an official alert stating: “The anti-Islam rallies come at a time of increased hate-motivated crimes and bias incidents nationwide targeting persons and property associated or perceived to be associated with Islam and the American Muslim community”.

CAIR members have also alerted local law enforcement authorities and asked for police advice to handle any eventuality. They have informed community members of the danger and wisely advised the Muslim community not to be provoked and to remain cautious.

They have also asked public officials to show more support and to issue statements of condemnation especially after the recent endorsement of Islamophobia by some national public figures in the US.

The Muslim community in the US continues to reach out to civil rights advocates and attorneys as well as interfaith groups to address the threatening rise of Islamophobia.

CAIR and other American Muslim organizations, interfaith supporters and many honorable peace-loving Americans have been relentless in their mission to build bridges of understanding.

They continue to reject the sinister efforts to demonize Islam. However, they have not been able to put a stop to those who incite hatred against Muslims applying the principle of collective guilt to all.

Muslim haters continue to label all Muslims as terrorists. They ignore the fact that Muslim communities are the main victims of terrorists and not the West. It is Muslim women and children who are killed by terrorists.

It is Muslim homes that are being destroyed and Muslim families are the ones who have become refugees.

Combating terrorism and eliminating the threat of militants and radical extremists cannot succeed with only military force or by inciting more hatred among different cultures and faiths.

Meanwhile, in Europe and elsewhere Islamophobia is also on the rise. Misconceptions between Abrahamic faiths have antagonized many.

The continued Israeli campaign to demonize innocent Muslims and to spread hate against Palestinians is a crime against humanity. Israel is an obstacle to peace. Diffusing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the need of the hour.

The international community should muster the political will to put an end to the root cause of the ongoing conflicts in the region. There should be more serious pressure to stop Israeli atrocities and to force Israel to accept a two-state solution to allow peace-loving Israelis and Palestinians, whether Jews, Christians or Muslims, to live in peace and harmony.

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    Personally, I……LOVE THE COLD…………repeat………I LOVE THE COLD!!!

    I have spent many months above the 60th Parallel and worked with the Skeemos (Inuit, Eskimos) and the Norwegians. I have spent weeks and months working out in the oilfield and in logging in sub zero temperatures below -45, in fact I have seen steel shatter it was so cold………the coldest I have ever worked in was a little below -66 degrees.

    I can hardly wait until these dusky hued cockroaches get a taste of -45 degrees……..obviously someone in Sweden has a good sense of humour.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    Click the link……..

    A Guam resident, Rickson Ayin assaults a Japanese tourist telling him “don’t take off your clothes, small kids”

    This REEKS of Sharia, there is only one mosque in Guam and details are still emerging.

    Look at the bright side……only one mosque to “deconstruct”.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

    1. Does Guam have a mosque now? Interesting. I used to go there a lot on business, that time they had only an illegal mosque. So now they’re getting serious! Well, they should have no problem with child marriage there, for the Chamorros its already a custom….

  3. Campaigns against muslims, real or imagined , are like capaigns against Nazism by Germans in the 1930’s. No doubt some Nazis like Goerring, Goebbels and Hitler himself had their precious little feelings hurt at the time too.

    But so f%$king what?

    1. At Don Laird,

      Hitler never cared that one poked fun at his mustache. It was the criticism of his art and being a failed artist that sent him over the edge.

      1. @Hill…..

        True…..perhaps with a little encouragement Hitler would have stayed with oils and brushes as opposed to exercises in global domination.

        Don Laird
        Alberta, Canada

        1. @Hill…….

          Conclusion drawn………..Hitler was no multi-tasker……

          Don Laird
          Alberta, Canada

        2. @Don Laird

          Touche. Lol.

          His delusions took him far though and even more intriguing, he was able to persuade a few million people to share those delusions.

          Just like in a contemporary context they are now bleating whats wrong with Communism? Socialism? What wrong indeed! Just asked the Germans how that National Socialism worked out? Or the Russians about how International Communism worked out for the Russian people?


      Nice, how diverse, how multi-culti.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

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