What “further chaos?”


…all who believe that the West should be throwing their borders open to refugees, look at what Hungary is doing. The situation with the refugees moving through their country has brought so much crime, disrespect and out right demanding from the refugees that Hungary has put up another 110 mile fence along its border with Serbia. Thousands of refugees were divert to Slovenia but the Slovenian country, is too small to support these refugees See More


This is not a conspiracy theory. The Obamster has something on the cooker.

London: Islamic Jew-Hatred Wave Ends in Window Smashing, “we need to kill all the Jews” 

This should be condemned and reviled just as the Nazis were condemned and reviled.

But it isn’t because it is Islamic.| Pamela Geller

Hungary plunges Europe into further chaos with SECOND border closure with Croatia
HUNGARY will tonight permanently close its border with Croatia, plunging Europe into further turmoil.
Thousands of migrants left stranded in Croatia as Hungary closes its border
Hungary announced they would close it at midnight following an EU decision not to send troops to stop them getting into Greece.
IRON FIST: China Declares All Out War On Islam
China has added its name to the growing list of countries around the world that are taking preventative measures in an attempt to lower the chances of a radical Islamist terror attack. China seems to be declaring an all out war to make sure…JEWS NEWS.CO.IL
‘Convert Or Die’ – Chilling Message To Christian Fast Food Shop Owners

‘Convert Or Die’ – Chilling Message To Christian Fast Food Shop Owners

A spate of Islamist graffiti in the multiculturalist Swedish city Gothenburg has been compared to the harassment of the Jewish community in Germany in the 1930s, with Christian business owners being told to “convert or die”.

The threats are yet another conflict imported to Europe from the Levant, as the Assyrian Christian Asmar family awoke to find their pizza parlour had been daubed with threats in red paint. Their experience is becoming increasingly common in the city, as legitimate asylum seekers fleeing persecution find it has followed them to Northern Europe, thanks to Sweden’s open door immigration policy.

ISIS Jihadists Shave Beards, Dress as Women to Flee to West

ISIS Jihadists Shave Beards, Dress as Women to Flee to West

In the face of heavy Russian airstrikes, a number of ISIS militants have reportedly fled to Turkey from Syria by shaving off their beards and dressing as women to pass unnoticed.

Mounds of shaved facial hair have been discovered in Aleppo, Syria, along with discarded packets of Syrian razors.

A photo on Twitter posted by Iraqi journalist Hala Jaber shows huge piles of hair. The journalist tweeted that the ISIS fighters shaved off their beards so they could escape clean shaven to Turkey.

According to members of anti-ISIS resistance, some newly-shaved Islamic State militants are donning women’s robes and veils to get away unnoticed.

THAT is just silly stuff:
Muslim outrage over police ‘Gestapo’ tactic
THE state’s police force has assembled a plain-clothed terror squad that is taking to the streets and asking youths if they have been “approached” about Islam in an attempt to cut off recruitment.

Remains to be seen:

Dubai developer to build $4.5bn ‘tourist city’ in Bosnia
Dubai developer to build $4.5bn 'tourist city' in Bosnia

Thousands of homes, a number of hotels and a large shopping mall are the chief starts of a project the project, as Bosnia increasingly attracts investment from the Gulf states

A Dubai-based developer  has signed a $5.1b contract to build a “tourist city” in Bosnia, which has become a magnet for investment from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) according to a report in the The Guardian.–World Bulletin / News Desk

Palestinian Mob Burns Down Jewish Holy Site

Pali Mob Burns Down Jewish Holy Site…

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  1. And when these countries become majority muslim, there will be no working class to support the islamic invaders. Then they will just move to the next country and turn it into an Islamic shit hole.
    The longer we put off returning these 3rd world savages to where they came from is just contributing to the destruction of Western Civilization.



    This is just the beginning as patriots refuse to watch their countries and their cultures smeared with the excremental filth of Islam by the gleeful verminous Muslim.

    I predict you will now see a large number of judges, police chiefs, politicians, bureaucrats, academia and luminaries within the Marxist Mass Media suffer assassinations.

    Patriots have had enough.

    And who can blame them?

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


      The first one is the look at the Marxists we have waited for for over 20 years.

      This one Marxist bureaucrat tells the German audience that if they don’t like the wave of Muslim filth saturating their country they can leave…….

      I would say that German patriots will probably assassinate this traitor within weeks or a couple of months.


      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

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