Moslems Terrorise Chinese Community of Paris

Never Mind About 50 Million Frenchman – Can 13,000 Chinese Be Wrong?

At first it was just stealing bags, then it was stealing bags with violence, and now it’s stealing bags and killing.

by Hugh Fitzgerald

“Thousands rally in Paris to protest crime targeting Chinese” 


At least 13,000 people [the latest figures range from 15,000 to 50,000] attended a rally in Paris on Sunday to protest against what they say is a crime wave targeting the Chinese community in France, police said, after a Chinese textile designer died after being mugged last month.

Demonstrators waving French flags and sporting T-shirts printed with the slogans “Stop violence, muggings, insecurity” or “Equality for all, security for all” marched from the Place de Republique square to the Bastille in eastern Paris, asking for more police protection.

Chaoling Zhang, a 49-year-old textile designer, died last month after five days in a coma after being attacked in the northern Paris suburb of Aubervilliers by three men who stole his bag.

Members of Aubervilliers’ large Chinese community, home to many Chinese immigrants, said that the death of Chaolin Zhang was the latest in a string of targeted assaults.

At first it was just stealing bags, then it was stealing bags with violence, and now it’s stealing bags and killing. It could happen to anyone,” 31-year-old Wang Yunzhou told Reuters TV.

The people here are angry. We can’t feel relaxed in the street, and if we don’t even get a basic welcome in the police station people start to wonder,” he said, adding that he moved to France from Wenzhou in south east China twenty years ago.

Aubervilliers, which has a population of 77,500, is home to a large Chinese community connected to the garment trade. Some 600,000 ethnic Chinese people live in the country overall, including French citizens.

Last month, 27 Chinese tourists were robbed and their driver sprayed with tear gas as they boarded a bus that was to take them to Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport. The incident raised fears that Chinese tourists, important luxury spenders, would stop coming to Paris.

Tourist traffic in Paris has dropped significantly since attacks by Islamist militants last November, leading to sharp declines in sales for luxury goods makers but also for the capital’s retailers, hotels and restaurants.

Attacks on Chinese, Korean and Japanese tourists are also frequent in the French capital as robbers believe they carry large sums in cash and their suitcases are stuffed with luxury goods purchased in Paris, according to police.

In May, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo traveled to Beijing to reassure Chinese authorities that Paris – the most visited city in the world – had taken measures to beef up its security.

Now what is striking about this Reuters article is that it nowhere identifies those who are attacking the Chinese. Nor are they identified in this story from Channel News Asia, nor in this one from RFI, nor in this from Le Figaro, nor in any of the half-dozen other versions of the story I’ve checked. Not one of them, that is, dares to make mention of “Islam” or “Muslims,” even though in Paris and in Aubervilliers, the Chinese are protesting the violence visited upon them from Muslims, calling it “anti-Asian racism.”

When I posted my piece on the attacks that the Chinese immigrants in Aubervilliers, a heavily Muslim suburb on the outskirts of Paris, endure from their Muslim neighbors, I noted that Muslims have been robbing, extorting money from businesses, physically attacking, and even killing Chinese immigrants who have the misfortune to live and work near them. I should also have noted that robberies of the Chinese in Aubervilliers have tripled in just one year. Some explain this by suggesting the Muslims feel humiliated because the Chinese clothing and textile warehouses, and import-export shopping malls, are so successful, standing in silent economic reproach of the Muslims, who tend to live off welfare benefits for as long as they can (some are very good at turning it into a lifetime benefit), and have failed to demonstrate any entrepreneurial flair, unlike the Chinese migrants. But that’s nonsense. The Muslims in France aren’t ashamed of living off welfare; they’re proud they can manipulate the system, and claim their informal Jizyah from French taxpayers. The main reason that the Chinese are attacked in Aubervilliers is the same reason that the French are attacked – they are Infidels, and thus a legitimate target for Muslims. Chinese property is as much a form of Jizyah as are the welfare benefits offered by the French state.

This harassment of the Chinese near Paris has been going on for a long time. It got so bad that at one point the Chinese ambassador to France was forced to pay a visit to Aubervilliers to try to calm his countrymen down. And in 2013, the Socialist mayor of Aubervilliers, Jacques Salvator, suggested that the violence against them could be halted if Chinese companies would agree to hire more Arabs and Africans. The Chinese were not assuaged, countering that “Muslims do not work as hard as the Chinese, that they are more demanding, and that they complain too much.”Anyone familiar with Muslim work habits would need no convincing.

Since that demonstration in Aubervilliers two weeks ago, apparently little has been done to placate the Chinese. They described to reporters covering their demonstration in Paris their feeling of frustration at not being listened to by the French authorities who, they said, fail to realize what kind of daily terror they endure. And in addition to the attacks on Chinese who live in the suburbs, there has been a steady increase in the number of attacks targeting Chinese (and Korean, and Japanese) tourists in central Paris. These Asian tourists are known both to buy luxury goods to take home with them, and to carry lots of cash. Just the other day, a gang of six (unidentified men) jumped onto a bus just about to leave a hotel for the airport, and made off with luxury-filled luggage belonging to the 27 Chinese tourists on board. The attackers in Aubervilliers have been identified as Muslims, but in the stories about attacks on Chinese tourists the criminals are not identified. But reading between the lines suggests that those attacking the tourists, like those known to be attacking the Chinese in Aubervilliers, are Muslims, and for a simple reason: had any of these criminals been French, the press, which tends to protect Muslims, would certainly have been eager to describe them as such. A refusal to identify them, in the current climate, almost certainly means they were Muslims.

So on September 4, in Paris, according to the police, at least 15,000 Chinese showed up to demand “security for all.” Chinese sources claim that as many as 50,000 people may have turned out to show support. It’s a fantastic showing, in any case, and what’s more, no one can dismiss it as a “right-wing” or “racist” rally because it’s not white Frenchmen, but Chinese who are protesting against the “anti-Asian racism” by their attackers. Since some white Europeans may still be reluctant to stand up for themselves against Muslims, then perhaps they will find it easier to stand up for the Chinese in France as, in the U.K., it may be easier for the British to stand up for Hindus and Sikhs, and then Europeans will begin to realize – as I wrote two weeks ago and will repeat verbatim here – that wherever you look, it’s not a case of Islam against the West, but of Islam against All the Rest.

First published in Jihad Watch.

Update from Hiz-but Tahir:

China Exploits Paris Attacks to Justify its Cold-Blooded Murder of Uyghur Muslim Women and Children

On 20th November, Chinese authorities acknowledged they had killed 28 people suspected of involvement in an attack on a coal mine in the country’s western frontier province of Xinjiang in September. Those killed were from the Muslim Uyghur population and included 4 women and 3 children (a 9 year old girl, a 6 year old boy, and a 1 year old boy). News of the deaths began to emerge several days prior to the official acknowledgement of the raid but Chinese authorities only chose to openly disclose details of the operation following the Paris attacks. China’s Ministry of Public Security, referring to the killings of these Uyghur Muslims, stated on its website that it was a, “great victory in the War on Terrorism”.  The ruling Chinese Communist Party stepped up its propaganda for its so-called “anti-terrorism” campaign against the Muslims of Xinjiang in the wake of Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris. It did so with the expectation that its fight against East Turkestan’s Muslim population which it is waging under the false label of fighting terrorism would be viewed as an integral part of the international campaign against Islam and Muslims. The regime therefore decided the time was right to shamelessly reveal their own horrid crimes against the Uyghur Muslims, including the killing of innocent and defenceless women and children, in front of nations who are also united upon the US-led crusade against Islam.

There is no doubt therefore that the brutal Chinese regime is unscrupulously exploiting the Paris attacks as a cover to justify its ruthless campaign of terror against the Uyghur Muslims, including against innocent Muslim women and children, to suppress the rise of Islam in the region. Since the attack on the Sogan Colliery Mine in September, Chinese authorities have also detained around 1000 people as part of raids in the Xinjiang province which has a Muslim majority population. All this is part of an ongoing strategy by the criminal Chinese communist government to prevent Uyghur Muslims from rising up against its bloodthirsty repressive rule which is attempting to terrorise Muslims into leaving their Islamic beliefs and practices. In recent years, hundreds of Uyghur Muslims have been killed by the Chinese regime and its supporters. The government has also pursued a brutal programme of forced abortions executed upon the honourable Uyghur Muslim women. This is in addition to implementing a host of vicious policies restricting Islamic practices, including preventing Muslims working in public offices from fasting in Ramadan; banning the niqab in Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital; barring Muslim women wearing the Islamic dress from riding public buses; and even arresting Muslim women for wearing the face veil.

It is clear that China, Russia and Western governments are walking side by side along the same well-trodden path of cynically exploiting terrorism to wage a war against the Islamic ideology and those sincere believers who embrace its beliefs, in order to preserve their interests in the Muslim world.

We ask the criminal Chinese regime – What ‘terrorist’ threat did 3 young children pose to your state? What do you think you will achieve by terrorizing innocent Muslim women and children? We say to you that your murderous crimes against our Uyghur Muslim brothers and sisters will not go hidden to the world. Rather we will expose them far and wide. We call you to take heed of the imminent return Biithnillah of the Khilafah Rashidah upon the method of the Prophethood which will deal harshly with those who dare to oppress the Muslims or spill their blood.

وَسَيَعْلَمُ الَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا أَيَّ مُنْقَلَبٍ يَنْقَلِبُونَ

“The unjust will soon know how terrible their end will be.”

(26: 227)

O Muslims! O People of Power and Rank! We call you to intensify your efforts to re-establish this great Khilafah state once again – the Khilafah based upon the method of the Prophethood – which alone will liberate the Muslims of East Turkistan from their brutal oppressors.

كَتَبَ اللَّهُ لَأَغْلِبَنَّ أَنَا وَرُسُلِي إِنَّ اللَّهَ قَوِيٌّ عَزِيزٌ

 “Allah has decreed: ‘Verily! It is I and My Messengers who shall be victorious. Verily, Allah is All-Powerful, All-Mighty”