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Saudi Arabia: Rape victim faces 100 lashes for the crime of being raped

An OFW is an Overseas Filipino Worker.

“Gov’t urged to aid raped OFW in Saudi,” from,

New York “Moderate” Headchopper on Trial:

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The founder of a Muslim-oriented television station accused of beheading his wife will claim he was a victim of years of abuse at home. By Associated Press

It might not work,though:

New York: Moderate Muslim who beheaded wife barred from using emotional-disturbance defense

No Insanity Jihad on this one. “Mo” Hassan is the “moderate” Muslim who started Bridges TV to present a peaceful, moderate image of Islam — that is, until he beheaded his wife in its studios. “Judge rejects planned defense, delays in beheading case,” by Matt Gryta for the Buffalo News

Hassan’s new defense attorney, Frank M. Bogulski, today told reporters that he is “confident” he can get an acquittal for Hassan on an unprecedented defense combining psychiatric elements and justification based on claims Hassan was “a battered” spouse who was verbally abused and humiliated by his wife.

Oh, well, then! He was right to behead her!

Bin Laden’s son: “My father has a religious goal. He is controlled by the rules of jihad.”

He is really an okay sort of guy, you know –   “He only kills if he thinks there is a need.”

But…but…I thought he was a Misunderstander of Islam — indeed, the Misunderstander of Islam par excellence — who had twisted and hijacked the Religion of Peaceâ„¢!

“Osama bin Laden is ‘worth more alive than dead’, declares his son,” from The Times, but if we kill him,  five gazillion muslims will turn into halal butchers and will be coming to get us….