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Dreck Replaces Art

From Carl in J’lem

Believe it or not, there are Israelis who still don’t get it. Unfortunately, many of them are members of our mainstream media.

Suicide bomber with baby
An ‘art exhibit’ that featured female ‘Palestinian’ suicide bombers dressed as Medieval portraits of the Virgin Marry and holding Baby Jesus (see sample picture at top left) was quickly taken down on Thursday after relatives of terror victims arrived to protest. The exhibit was originally put up at Sokolov House in Tel Aviv, the headquarters of Israel’s press association. Why it never occurred to the members of that ‘august’ body that someone might be offended by such an exhibit in Israel is simply beyond me. And the ‘artists’ who prepared this travesty and continued to defend it – two women named Galina Bleich and Lilia Check – are simply beneath contempt.

Why are the pictures offensive? Even ABC seems to get it.

Across the divide in Palestinian circles the bombers are often depicted as tragic martyrs driven to their desperate actions by forces beyond their control.

If Ms. Bleich and Ms. Check had created a picture of Mohamed Atta nailed to the cross, and put 9/11 statistics on the card showing it, would Americans have been offended? You bet. And you can bet that they wouldn’t have dared to do that to Americans.

So why do they feel free to do it to Israelis? And why is our mainstream media so callous as to allow this sort of exhibit in their headquarters?

We have a national sickness.


The AGE apologizes for publishing Brackman's Dreck

* Apologies are in order, but how did Brackman get to deposit his turd in the AGE in the first place?

* Latest update: Jews consider legal action over ‘racist’ article in The Age

Brackman: a disciple of Mahatir Mohammed or just another Jew-hating Asshole?

Tim Blair – Tuesday, January 20, 09 (11:47 am)

The Age apologises: 

The editorial team at The Age has offered an unreserved apology to the Jewish community for the controversial Michael Backman column that appeared in last Saturday’s newspaper.

A formal apology appeared on page two of Tuesday’s edition (January 20) of the newspaper, with The Age editor Paul Ramadge telling The AJN that the anti-Semitic views expressed by Backman “have no place at The Age. We completely reject his views”.

* The terrorist supporting AGE provides a forum for Mamduh Habib and “Gitmo Torture”

* Did the New Yawk Slimes find a buyer?

“We fully accept that the article has caused hurt and distress to the Jewish community and we apologise without reservation,” he said.

Ramadge said the story was published while he and other senior editors were on leave.

“We have a different crew editing the paper during the holiday period,” he said.

Ramadge would not comment on whether any Age employees would lose their jobs over the publication of the story, but did admit that more than one Age staffer were guilty of “errors of judgement”.

“We have taken steps to ensure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen again,” he said, adding that the staffer was being dealt with internally. 

Sounds like the dreaded counselling. No word yet from Backman himself. 

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Yusuf rubs it

*  From the Slime & Slander department:

* Islamo-shyster Yusuf Irfan describes himself as ‘illustrious and sensible’ and  -sort of- apologizes for the turds he constantly deposits on the doorsteps of people he doesn’t like hates:

From Tim Blair’s Blog

thanks to Gramfan

Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 12:45pm
 Irfan Yusuf unreservedly apologises: 

An opinion article published in The Canberra Times by Irfan Yusuf on August 18, ‘’Justice the remedy required to help Bosnia heal’’, cited the US analyst Daniel Pipes as predicting that Europe’s next Holocaust victims would be Muslim migrants and it alleged that Mr Pipes suggested Muslims thoroughly deserved such slaughter. The Canberra Times and Irfan Yusuf accept that Mr Pipes never predicted nor has he ever endorsed a Holocaust of European Muslims, and they unreservedly apologise to him for the errors. 

Further on those “errors” here. Readers will recall Irfan’s impressive history of “errors”. 

* Blogger J.F. Beck saved the whole thing, here

*   Didn’t take long for Shem to produce another of his great cartoons…

         Irfan Yusuf Apologizes to Daniel Pipes 

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