Dreck Replaces Art

From Carl in J’lem

Believe it or not, there are Israelis who still don’t get it. Unfortunately, many of them are members of our mainstream media.

Suicide bomber with baby
An ‘art exhibit’ that featured female ‘Palestinian’ suicide bombers dressed as Medieval portraits of the Virgin Marry and holding Baby Jesus (see sample picture at top left) was quickly taken down on Thursday after relatives of terror victims arrived to protest. The exhibit was originally put up at Sokolov House in Tel Aviv, the headquarters of Israel’s press association. Why it never occurred to the members of that ‘august’ body that someone might be offended by such an exhibit in Israel is simply beyond me. And the ‘artists’ who prepared this travesty and continued to defend it – two women named Galina Bleich and Lilia Check – are simply beneath contempt.

Why are the pictures offensive? Even ABC seems to get it.

Across the divide in Palestinian circles the bombers are often depicted as tragic martyrs driven to their desperate actions by forces beyond their control.

If Ms. Bleich and Ms. Check had created a picture of Mohamed Atta nailed to the cross, and put 9/11 statistics on the card showing it, would Americans have been offended? You bet. And you can bet that they wouldn’t have dared to do that to Americans.

So why do they feel free to do it to Israelis? And why is our mainstream media so callous as to allow this sort of exhibit in their headquarters?

We have a national sickness.


13 thoughts on “Dreck Replaces Art”

  1. Rage! Rage! Death to those who! …

    Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

    Get it, Solkhar?

  2. What, no freedom of speech? I love double standards.

    Yes, it is poor taste and crosses over to disrespecting an element of the community and thus should not be shown, like the piss-Christ, cruxcified frog and the Mohammed cartoons.

  3. But Solkhar, your blasphemous koran is based on disrespect to an
    element of the community (not to mention blasphemy against the
    Son of God). Should it thus be not shown?

  4. About a month ago the Jerusalem municipality decided to open a parking lot in the city, a normal affair anywhere in the world but

    Snipped for BS, off topic and spamming

  5. Oh, the report which has now been documented as factually correct?

    Oh that is right, do not touch the subject about Israel, if you do your automatically now a scumbag and a Jew hater. Your colours are now showing there blog-owner.

  6. Just confirms the lack of seriousness of your posts.

    Personally I have no plus or minus on the State of Israel, I have stated that I believe it in its right to exist and defend itself.

    Having said that, like its neighbours, it also is involved in deciet, barbaric practices and abuses, lies and conspiracies – only it tries to hide it and pretend that only its neighbours do it and that it is morally on the high ground when it is in the same pit with the others.

    As Hamas and others threaten annihilation of the Jews on one hand and tries to pretend to be a just and honorable broker with the other, so does Israel, seeking peace and cooperation but at the same time delaying to throw and approve as many new illegal settlements as possible. Hamas will bomb innocent civilians and Israel will bomb, starve and drop phosphorous on a population to win a military battle.

    Not forgetting that they all do so in the name of God.

    You have shown your true colours and have decided to be not just far-right, but unabashedly pro-Israeli and thus your postings will always now be in doubt to its sincerity.

  7. Sucky,will never Stop…He made his own small personal jihad here…. One day we will read in the newspaper that another crackpot of isslam explosed, detonated in a mosk or any other public place and this will be our dear “sucky” Who will have filled his asshole with sticks of dynamite…….Only that day he will Stop.
    I don’t think”sucky” you have a Bright Future….
    Sucky,you don’t work.. you have nothing to do all Day…Come visit me at my Pigs Farm,i could get you a nice Job !!!,,An easy one.

  8. * Israel will bomb, starve and drop phosphorous on a population to win a military battle.

    Nothing compared to what awaits the largely islamic nations when
    God puts hook in their jaw & drags them into battle against the land
    they desecrate with the Al Aqsa mosque / mosque of Omar on the
    Temple Mount, the site of the Temple of God – no place for a false
    god and usurper to hang out in.

    “I will execute judgment upon him with plague and bloodshed; I will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur on him and on his troops and on the many nations with him.”
    (Prophet Ezekiel 38:22)

    “Interpret” Ezekiel using the koran, Solkhar – you might as well
    “interpret” the London Underground using a Paris Metro timetable,
    for all the good it will do.

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