DETROIT, Oct. 24 (UPI) — American-born al-Qaida operative Adam Gadahn is urging Muslims living in Europe and in Detroit to carry out attacks in “defense of Islam.” (Kitman TV)

Islam in Europe presents:

Germany: Copenhagen bomber closely tied to German terrorists

Lors Doukaev, the one-legged Belgian bomber-boxer who was caught in Copenhagen after trying to mail letter bombs to Jyllands Posten, had very close links to big names among the Islamist terror-supporters in Germany. Several of them were recently arrested and charged with recruiting for al-Qaeda.  (German terrorists)

Germany: Discrimination blamed for “failed” multiculturalism

All that’s needed is more Islam, to cure the disease:

“The people are not used to Islam, Islamic traditions, Islamic clothing and scarf. They are not used to that, and they have to become used to that.”  Continue reading

NYC Muslim discovers religion, wants to  join army to wage jihad against US troops (JW)

HONOLULU — A New York City-born man was ordered to return from Hawaii where he was arrested on charges he tried to join the U.S. military at a Times Square recruiting station so he could he could be deployed to Iraq, desert and fight with anti-American insurgency forces. Misunderstander of Islam arrested in Hawaii on charges he tried to join U.S. military, desert and wage jihad against U.S. troops

France: Muslim students, parents making increasing demands on schools to conform to Islamic practices

They want halal food, and they don’t want to be taught about the Holocaust. The report here calls for teachers to reaffirm France’s secular principles — but of course they will encounter a core of Muslims in France who will never accept those principles. Will the French hold firm then, or capitulate? “Religious demands rise in French state schools: study,” by Tom Heneghan for Reuters, October 25 (thanks to JW):

Propaganda alert: Center for American Progress proposes teaching Americans [& kids] that Islam’s values are compatible with western democracy (Islamization Watch)

Although other religions are mentioned ~ you can almost feel the red luring the bull toward Islam. It is not any religion we should respect ~ its Islam. Obama doesn’t go to the Sikh Temple ~ who cares.

Americans might have less negative views if they knew, for example, that Islam is compatible with Western values and democracy, that it teaches peace, and that Muslim Americans have been part of this country since before we were a nation. (More)

Boy!! The argument that Muslims were the very first in the Americas, is made to support the claim the America is an Islamic nation. Therefore it is right for it to go back to its natural theocracy roots.

Devshirme – The Dhimmi “Tribute in Blood” to Muslim Masters (Kitman TV)

devshirme – Anestos Canelides

Education Jihad, part 2

We will educate you to like Islam!

Education campaign to tackle perceptions of Muslim women

SCHOOLS, employers and government agencies will be targeted in a “mainstream” education campaign to tackle misconceptions about Adelaide’s Muslim community.

The campaign will be run by a new government taskforce established in response to reported abuse of Muslim women and renewed controversy over calls in Europe to ban the burqa – a head-to-toe religious garment worn by some Muslim women.

South Australian Lieutenant Governor and Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission chairman Hieu Van Le will head the taskforce, first revealed in The Advertiser on Saturday.

He will be joined by police, academic experts, representatives from government departments including education and equal opportunity, and media advisers.

Vietnamese-born Mr Le said the top priority was combating “ignorance” through education.

He said the taskforce would have to be creative, strategic and sensitive if it were to have an impact.

However, he conceded there were “some hardcore racists” who would be difficult to reach.

“It will take some time,” he said.

Taskforce initiatives could include:

A MUSLIM police liaison officer.

INSTALLING “ambassadors” in other government departments with specific knowledge of the Muslim community.

ADDITIONS to school curriculums covering “what they (Muslims) believe in and what they practice”.

USING union and community networks to educate Muslim people, particularly women, about their rights.

COURSES to raise awareness among public servants and employers.

In January this year, SA Police installed the state’s first police Sudanese community liaison officer.

This was modelled on existing police Aboriginal liaison officers.

The move creates a precedent for a Muslim liaison officer.

For help or further information, contact the Muslim Women’s Association on 8212 0800.

The 20 comments on this story are not exactly in favor of government sponsered “education programs”

500 Australian teachers to be indoctrinated with politically correct  Islam propaganda

Where’s the resistance?

Andrew Bolt

BEYOND BELIEF article in The Age Insight Saturday May 15 section page 10 has an interview with Singaporean Islamist Eeqbal Hassam, who has worked with Jennet Cole-Adams, director of curriculum services at the Australian Curriculum Services, to publish a book to be used in Australian primary and states schools, titled Learning from one another: Bringing Muslim Perspectives into Schools‘. No really.

The Age and I quote: “..this month he and Cole-Adams begin a series of national workshops to educate non-Muslim primary and secondary teachers about the challenges of reaching and teaching Muslim students.”

[Here’s the kicker:] “The one-day funded by the National Centre for Excellence for Islamic Studies through a grant from the Myer Foundation, will be held in every state and the ACT and will involve about 500 teachers.

Continue reading Education Jihad, part 2

Education Jihad

Every day a little Moe:

Update: Berlin gets (another) Sowdi Barbarian funded Wahabi school, a proper “King Fahd Academie” of course. Whatcha gonna do about that, infidel? (article in German from PI)

Islamic school protest

H/T Mullah

HUNDREDS of people are expected to attend a rally being held in opposition to plans for an Islamic school in Cecil Park this weekend.

Residents of Cecil Park, Horsley Park and Mt Vernon have been invited to Horsley Park showground at 1pm on Saturday to voice their concerns over the construction of the school. Fairfield Advance has more>>

What kind of Assyrian is Anwar Khoshaba? An Islamo-Christian?

Mohammed writes:

I would like to thank Deputy Mayor Anwar Khoshaba for helping us with this project, it is very important to my family and many other families in Fairfield that we can send our children to a school which teaches them the good values of Islam as well as a good education so they have a future in this beautiful country.

Why would  Assyrian Christians with a history of persecution under Islam advance Islamic causes in Australia?


In 1984, George Orwell wrote, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past”. If we allow Muslims to get involved in the education of our kids we will lose everything.

Mark Steyn

Schools are dropping controversial subjects from history lessons – such as the Holocaust and the Crusades – because teachers do not want to cause offence, Government research has found … Some teachers have even dropped the Holocaust completely from lessons over fears that Muslim pupils might express anti-Semitic reactions in class.

This was from a study for the Department of Education, which noted that “teachers and schools avoid emotive and controversial history for a variety of reasons, some of which are well-intentioned. Staff may wish to avoid causing offence or appearing insensitive to individuals or groups in their classes. In particular settings, teachers of history are unwilling to challenge highly contentious or charged versions of history in which pupils are steeped at home, in their community or in a place of worship.  More>>