Who is Maurice Strong?

Glenn Beck – All The President’s Men/ Flopping Aces:

Very strong show by Glenn Beck today on all the President’s men, it’s an eye-opener. Yes, he is a bit of a showman but the information provided is a must see. Spend 30 minutes to watch all of it:

“In order to save the planet we need to bring about the collapse of the industrialized civilizations. It is our responsibility to bring this about”

Maurice Strong

Maurice Strong, a Canadian oil billionaire, was also the Secretary General of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro where the unveiling of Agenda 21 occurred.

He said, “….current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.”

He is known as the “Godfather of the international environmental movement” and the “architect of the Kyoto Protocol.” Both of those are ironic titles for a man who started out in the oil business.

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Who is Maurice Strong? / Locust blog

I have had a problem finding out who is behind all these obvious changes, which are against the will of the people. In order to trace “why” and “father” of these problems, I have had to go back 50 years and found the organization and man behind all this and the front man behind Barak Obama.

Strong & the Goracle:   Sultans of Spin

Maurice Strong and the Collapse of Industrialized Civilizations/All American Blogger

His name is Maurice Strong, born in Canada, lived in New York, and now exiled in China, but still the power behind Obama and the liberal House and Senate of America. To start to understand this man and his influence read his statement below to a group of reporters.

“In order to save the planet, the group [GIM] decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about? This group of world leaders [GIM] forms a secret society to bring about an economic collapse.”

Maurice Strong – regarding Generation Investment Management LLP

George Soros and his Canadian sidekick, Kyoto architect Maurice Strong, are the brains behind the likes of Al Gore, Mikhail Gorbachev and Barak Obama, all who belong to the above and the “Chicago Climate Exchange” which will make billions on climate change.

Barrack Hussein Obama is the one out in front talking about “Change we can believe in”, but the senator from Illinois is only the latest puppet.  More>>


Labour fails to understand ‘inequality’

If you pay people to be poor, you will never run out of poor people. And if you penalise those who do rise from disadvantage to affluence by seizing more and more of their earnings, how exactly is that contributing to “fairness”?   Janet Daley


Or is it MoMoMoMotown?

“I do believe this is a new record,” reports Mark Steyn. “The Four Mohammeds are the first all-Mo gang. Any quintets out there like to challenge for the prize?”   Tim Blair

Smutty Smut & Warming Fraud

Nobel Price Candidate?

The Telegraph’s Robert Mendick and Amrit Dhillon in Delhi write:

As the UN’s climate change chief, Dr Rajendra Pachauri has spent his career writing only the driest of academic articles. But the latest offering from the chairman of the UN’s climate change panel is an altogether racier tome.

Some might even suggest Dr Pachauri’s first novel is frankly smutty.


Al Gore sued by over 30,000 Scientists for Global Warming fraud

Nice Try: “Will trade carbon credits for sex…” Believers will buy it…


Update: Australian Senator Steve Fielding wants to convince Al Gore he’s wrong

Al Gore sued by over 30,000 Scientists for Global Warming fraud John Coleman

Andrew Bolt, update:

Al Gore lies on ABC television – or at least deceives by omission – about criticism of his wildly alarmist An Inconvenient Truth: 

HEATHER EWART: There was also, though, a British judge who ruled that there were in fact, I think, nine errors when it was challenged in court?

AL GORE: Well, the ruling was in my favour.

Pardon? Here, in fact, is what the judge actually said ”in favour” of Gore’s film:


However, as will be seen, some of the errors, or departures from the mainstream, by Mr Gore in AIT in the course of his dynamic exposition, do arise in the context of alarmism and exaggeration in support of his political thesis…

And which nine errors did the judge identify? Read on…


FARMERS have lost faith in long-term weather forecasts because they’re unreliable, the South Australian Farmers Federation said…

“The scale of current models make them unreliable measures…”

Robert W. Endlich: Let’s deal with the facts on global warming

Professor Paul Kengor isn’t surprised that Al Gore last week likened fighting global warming to fighting Nazis:

How can anyone take this man seriously? Well, the fact is we’ve done just that for almost 20 years…

Gore: you will be globalled: climate bill will help bring about “global governance”

The Sun And the Oceans Do Not Lie–The Global Warming Moonbats Do

Yid with Lid

Maybe what Gore should do is convince Mother Nature to cooperate, because the dire predictions of the “Church of Global Warming Moonbats” are not coming true. For example, according to the United States Weather Bureau:

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