Jihad: what every unbeliever needs to know

Andrew Bostom:

mohammed rides again

General McChrystal, Read Arun Shourie…Immediately!

Creeping Sharia: The Higher You Go, The Less They Know

General McChrystal’s “policy” is based on a delusional, factually challenged misunderstanding of Islam, ignores all of Afghanistan’s lengthy history of indigenous jihadism (dating back to at least Mahmud of Ghazni in the early 11th century), and ignores over three decades of US nation building efforts (costing millions of $) in Helmand Province itself (now a Taliban hotbed!) from 1946-1979 on a scale of the Tennessee Valley Authority (it was called the Helmand Valley Authority) similarly based on idiotic misconceptions of Islam and its “use” as a bulwark against Communism, which utterly ignored Islam’s own anti-Western totalitarianism. This ahistorical, doctrinally ignorant idiocy is melded to an even sicker policy which literally sacrifices the lives of our fighting men to McChrystal’s insane notion of winning Afghan “hearts and minds,” while utterly ignoring the only three important strategic objectives in the region: delaying/destroying Iran’s nuclear program; removing/destroying Pakistan’s nukes; and destroying Afghanistan’s opium production. If those three objectives were accomplished, there would be no strategic need to have “boots on the ground” in the region at all.

As the duty (to wage Jihad) is an overriding one all means are permissible. “War is stratagem, “ the Prophet says, “War is deceit.” (Sahih Muslim, Volume III, pp. 945, 990-991; Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 4, pp. 166-67; Sunan Abu Dawud, Volume II, p. 728) Thus one may lie, one may kill the enemy while he is asleep, one may kill him by tricking him. (for example, see Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 4, pp. 164-5, 167-68)

A “highlight” from Arun Shourie’s The World of Fatwas,” pp. 567 ff.

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Dollars vs Jihad: How the US Tries to Win Hearts & Minds" of Islamic Terrorists in the Philippines…

New Roads and Buildings against jihad?  Are Americans really such suckers for LOVE..?


Curbed in Towns, Philippines Islamists Take to the Forests

New York Times

LAMITAN, Philippines — Early this decade, American soldiers landed on the island of Basilan, here in the southern Philippines, to help root out the militant Islamic separatist group Abu Sayyaf. Now, Basilan’s biggest towns, once overrun by Abu Sayyaf and criminal groups, have become safe enough that a local Avon lady trolls unworriedly for customers.

Mews Links:

Still, despite seven years of joint military missions and American development projects, much of the island outside main towns like Lamitan remains unsafe. Abu Sayyaf members, sheltered by sympathetic residents, continue to operate in the interior’s dense forests, even as the United States recently extended the deployment of troops in the southern Philippines.

Last month, Abu Sayyaf guerrillas killed 23 Philippine soldiers in a battle in the south of Basilan. This month, on the neighboring island of Jolo, Abu Sayyaf members, reinforced by a contingent from Basilan, killed eight soldiers in fierce fighting that displaced thousands of civilians. More than 40 insurgents were killed, though at least 10 were believed to have belonged to a different Muslim separatist group.


Root Cause!

“We haven’t been able to eliminate the root cause of the problem,” said Maj. Armel Tolato, the commander of a Philippine Marine battalion here, explaining why Abu Sayyaf had not been eradicated. “It cannot be addressed alone by the military. It’s derived from the dynamics here, political and cultural. It’s very complex.” In an interview at a base shared with American troops, he said: “We’re just dealing with the armed elements. We might kill them. But there are young ones to take their place.”

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Awhh, we have to win those hearts & minds: US airstrike deep inside Pakistan kills six jihadists

Sheik yer’mami reported: Our “Friends”, the Slick Little Predators of Pakistan

President Zardari expressed his disapproval of US drone attacks on Pakistani areas along the Afghan border and urged Washington to instead provide the Predator technology to Pakistan to enhance its ability to fight terrorism.

Rather than using Predator to fire missiles against Pakistani territory, why not give Pakistan its own Predators? “Give them to us… we are your allies,” he said.

He said such unilateral strikes harmed efforts to win hearts and minds of the people. The US should equip Pakistan with advanced weapons to help its forces fight terrorists more effectively.


Just as Pakistani officials meet with NATO brass to “discuss” these strikes within Pakistan. Friend and Ally Hanging By a Thread Update: “Suspected U.S. Airstrike Kills 6 Fighters in Pakistan,” by Candace Rondeaux for the Washington Post, November 20, via JW

KABUL, Nov. 19 — A suspected U.S. airstrike deep inside Pakistani territory Wednesday killed six insurgent fighters and wounded several others, according to a Pakistani security official.

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