Breaking: Islamic School in Bass Hill: Buyback or Compulsory Aquisition

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Interesting development in Sydney’s South:

When citizens make enough noise and stand up for their rights decisions can be reversed.

Update from SMH:  Minister moves to buy back Islamic school site

trad1Keysar speaketh. Here’s context….

The “Muslim community” announced this multi-million-dollar complex to be “a shining beacon for Islam” and “an example for all Muslims worldwide to admire and repeat”


THE State Government will buy back the site of the proposed Islamic school in Bass Hill or “it will be acquired by compulsory acquisition”.

State MP for Bankstown Tony Stewart has announced that he has received advice from the Department of Education indicating a proposal to build a special school for students with a disability at the Johnston Road site adjoining Bass High School.
“I am advised that if the College is unwilling to dispose of the land, it will be acquired by compulsory acquisition,” Mr Stewart said.
Al Amanah College purchased the land from the Department in 2006, and a proposal to build a primary and secondary school for 1200 students was met with opposition from local residents and Bankstown Council, who cited several planning grounds as the reason for objection.
In May 2009, the Land and Environment Court ruled in favour of the school, and the judgment referred to whether Bankstown Council would have raised as many issues with the application had it been for an Anglican school.

Some background info from Garth on how the site was aquired:

Islamic Dirty Tricks

THE State Government has been forced to rewrite its own rules on the sale of public school land after claiming it was “duped” into selling off parts of a western Sydney school to a private college. More>>

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Defeat in Bankstown: Court allows Islamic school

Court allows Islamic schoolImage

*  This madrassah, this Islamic indoctrination centre is imposed against the wishes of the overwhelming numbers of  residents who vehemently protested  against the destruction of their environment and their life style.

Australia is a democracy in name only: “Racism” used to smear opponents…. (but Islam is not a race…)

ONE of the biggest Islamic schools in Australia will be built in south-western Sydney after Bankstown City Council lost an appeal in the Land and Environment Court.

The decision will allow construction of a 1200-student primary and secondary school in Bass Hill, which has been fought by residents since the land was bought in 2006.

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Singing for the TV cameras: Islamic school students sing 'banned' national anthem

* Bits and pieces,  found on Andrew Bolt’s blog:

*  Whether the anthem is sung or not, that doesn’t matter.  It’s the express banning of it for being un-islamic.  The culture, ideals, traditions, symbols and laws of this (or any other) country are meaningless to believing muslims.  They ALL must be replaced by islamic ones in accordance with sharia and Allah’s decree.

What on earth are these people doing in our country?

‘Jihadis let us all rejoice 
for we are young and cruel….

We’ve golden bombs and rifles too, 
We’ll use them just for you..

“Our land abounds with minarettes all pointing up in the air”

Our cars abound with special gifts, 
We’ll kill before our prayer.

* An update to this story:

A BRISBANE school has banned the national anthem at assemblies and sacked the teacher who asked for it to be played.

Telling the truth is anti-Muslim, as we all know. But who are we to judge? Isn’t it their country too?

* Fill in here…………………………..

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