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Kings 'Witchhunt' and the Muselmanic Crying Game

Keith Ellison Lied, People Cried

I’ve already taken Rep Keith Ellison to task for making Mohammed Salman Hamdani a victim beyond the scope of his tragic death on 9/11 for his own political purposes: Rep. Keith Ellison’s Shameful Tears At Radicalization Hearing.

What he was doing was not saluting Hamdani as a brave American victim of 9/11. He was using Hamdani’s death to make him into a cliche, a political victim … to further Ellison’s political agenda, not Hamdani’s, for all we know. Given Hamdani’s noble actions, how is it he deserves to be made into a political victim like that when he can’t speak for himself? For all we know, he detested such stunts.

Now, via NRO, we discover that Ellison’s account of events around Hamdani’s death does not even comport with reality. If anything, Ellison has disgraced a heroic victim of Islamic terrorism on 9/11 by spitting on his grave by invoking his name coupled with politically motivated lies and manipulations. What a disgrace. (Dan Riehl @ Breitbart has more)

The King Hearings: Necessary in Principle, Unlikely To Provide Answers in Practice

by Srdja Trifkovic

In a normal country (Is there such a thing?) the King hearings would have taken place years ago, and they would have focused on the key issues of the Islamic Weltanschauung and its practical manifestations over the past 14 centuries. It is to be feared that the hearings will do no such thing.

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Obama Regime & United Islamic Umma vs Rep. Peter King

Its the Muslim usurper in chief against America:

White House: “Individuals From Many Different Faiths Succumb to Terrorist Ideologies”

Watch out for the Methodists and the Amish!

Useful idiots rally against King hearings (JW)

Obama spokesman: “Being religious is never un-American. Being religious is quintessentially American.”

Really? Being religious in any way? Then why was the Waco compound besieged and burned down? Why was Mormon polygamy outlawed? Jim Jones was a terrific fellow?

STERLING, Va. (AP) — Muslim Americans are not part of the terrorism problem facing the U.S. – they are part of the solution, a top White House official said Sunday at a Washington-area mosque.

No. They are our implacable enemy.

Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough set the Obama administration’s tone for discussions as tensions escalate before the first in a series of congressional hearings on Islamic radicalization. The hearings, chaired by New York Republican Peter King, will focus on the level of cooperation from the Muslim community to help law enforcement combat radicalization.

The majority of the recent terror plots and attempts against the U.S. have involved people espousing a radical and violent view of Islam. (As if there was another one!) Just a few weeks ago a college student from Saudi Arabia who studied chemical engineering in Texas was arrested after he bought explosive chemicals online. It was part of a plan to hide bomb materials inside dolls and baby carriages and blow up dams, nuclear plants or the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush. (Source)

White House: “Individuals From Many Different Faiths Succumb to Terrorist Ideologies”

More protests on King hearings: Muslims feel “unfairly singled out” over jihadist terrorism

Here is a piece from across the pond on the watered-down hearings on Islamic “radicalization” that are nonetheless provoking waves of protests by Muslims in America, who are displaying more outrage and more intensive mobilization over King’s hearings than at the continued stream of attempted jihadist attacks on the United States — oh, sorry, almost all of those were “entrapment,” we were told.

Apparently even this much attention to Islam in connection with terrorism is too close for comfort. One might say they “doth protest too much.” And so they employ two major tactics: 1.) Deflect attention by appropriating victim status, and 2.) Silence the discussion by acting as though criticism of Islam or Muslims is tantamount to inciting to hate crimes.

But the character of this story is highly consistent with Peter Sissons’ account of pro-Islamic bias at the BBC, in addition to being just plain sloppy. More protests on King hearings


Wh terror

King to Press On With Hearings on Radical Islam Despite Protests in New York

Fox News

(This goose is cooked. You can stick a knife in it. The Muslims are laughing their dirty asses off!)

Feb. 16: House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington before the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on “Safeguarding Our Future: Building a Nationwide Network for First Responders.”

King is already on the defense:

Noting CAIR’s history as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a terrorist funding case, King said CAIR is exactly the kind of group Muslim leaders should “push aside.”

“I’m not going to give into political correctness. I’m going ahead,” King told Fox News.

Shining a light on Islam brings out Muselmaniacs in droves…..

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Thomas Jefferson would have shot Keith Ellison like the rabid dog he is

“Our sacredly held beliefs of religious liberty”

“Opposing the mosque implies that Islam is responsible when Al Qaeda is responsible”

Obama buddy & muslim brother Keith Ellison (“but it was Thomas Jefferson’s Koran”) professes to know everything about religious liberties and babbles on about how Al Qaeda is responsible for 9/11 and not Islam, although AQ acts on entirely proper Islamic principles. Of course Peter King’s claim of and “absolute right  to build a mosque” is equally objectionable, but the Muslim invokes the pilgrims, Martin Luther King, plays the victim, plays on religious liberties and drivels on about the constitution which he probably never read and which he wants to  replace it with sharia.

Chris Christie, another useful idiot, laps it up and runs with it:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a new national icon for the Republican Party thanks in part to his push for pension reforms, on Monday became the most prominent GOP figure to warn against “overreacting” to the threat of terror and painting “all of Islam” with the brush of terrorism amid the swirling controversy about the Ground Zero-area mosque.

“We cannot paint all of Islam with that brush. …We have to bring people together….” blahblahblah……

You heard that broken record before.

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