Thomas Jefferson would have shot Keith Ellison like the rabid dog he is

“Our sacredly held beliefs of religious liberty”

“Opposing the mosque implies that Islam is responsible when Al Qaeda is responsible”

Obama buddy & muslim brother Keith Ellison (“but it was Thomas Jefferson’s Koran”) professes to know everything about religious liberties and babbles on about how Al Qaeda is responsible for 9/11 and not Islam, although AQ acts on entirely proper Islamic principles. Of course Peter King’s claim of and “absolute right  to build a mosque” is equally objectionable, but the Muslim invokes the pilgrims, Martin Luther King, plays the victim, plays on religious liberties and drivels on about the constitution which he probably never read and which he wants to  replace it with sharia.

Chris Christie, another useful idiot, laps it up and runs with it:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a new national icon for the Republican Party thanks in part to his push for pension reforms, on Monday became the most prominent GOP figure to warn against “overreacting” to the threat of terror and painting “all of Islam” with the brush of terrorism amid the swirling controversy about the Ground Zero-area mosque.

“We cannot paint all of Islam with that brush. …We have to bring people together….” blahblahblah……

You heard that broken record before.

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5 thoughts on “Thomas Jefferson would have shot Keith Ellison like the rabid dog he is”

  1. “would have SHOT Keith Ellison like the rabid dog he is”

    Ahhhh, DUDE? Is this a regular jihad website? or has it evolved into a subsidiary of something militant and fringy?

    Just curious.

    1. Do you really believe that a Thomas Jefferson (or any of the founding fathers) would have given Keith Ellison (or Hussein Obama for that matter) a brass razoo?

      Are you aware that it was Muslims, the Barbary Pirates, who forced the United States to build a navy in order to defend their merchant ships in the mediterranean?

  2. Hey! There’s something we can say that the Muslims contributed to America…trategic and technological advances in US Naval and Marine warfare.
    Afterall, the US never would have had the advanced Navy it has had it not been for those pesky Barbary Pirates.

  3. And obama is dismantling the Navy as fast as he can, along with getting rid of our missiles, and there’s talk of eliminating The Marines.

    the muslims giveth and taketh. SCREW THEM ALL.

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