Bosnia Moving Towards Sharia Law


But of course, no illusions here. They follow the path of ‘gradualism’, you see. Ask Yusuf al Qaradawi, he’ll tell you all about it.

You can also look at the Islamically green pavements of Sarajevo: Green pavements deemed “provocation” to get an idea where Islam takes them.

thanks to Pamela for the tip.

Willie Climan’s war against the Christian Serbs continues to this day:

Remember this Clinton Moment Celebrating the al Qaeda Jihadists that massacred the Serbs with his help?

Mustafa Ceric, top dog of Bosnian Muselmaniacs, has launched a vicious smear campaign against his Serb counterpart, Republica Serbska President Milorad Dodik, declaring him a persona non grata and an “Islamophobe”.

“Turkey’s victory is our victory, as a Muslim country Bosnia cannot be considered separate from Turkey.”

BANJA LUKA — RS President Milorad Dodik says the leader of Bosnia’s Muslims, Mufti Mustafa Cerić, was “the main political figure among Bosniaks (Muslims)”.

The president of the Serb Republic (RS) deduced that this was “leading toward a creation of a Sharia state”.

“I have nothing against Bosniaks and Islam, I respect freedom of religion, but it is the desire of the Islamic Community in Bosnia-Herzegovina to direct political processes in the country that is completely unacceptable,” he said.

The president added that this community was attacking the RS and him personally, “to which I have a duty to react, as president and politician”.

This was Dodik’s response to announcements that came from the Islamic Community (IZ) in Bosnia-Herzegovina, that they would send a proposal to embassies of Islamic countries to declare him persona non-grata for his alleged activity to “spread Islamophobia”. 

The IZ statement is a political pamphlet of the lowest kind. It’s proof that Mustafa Cerić is the leading political figure among Bosniaks, which is one step toward creating a Sharia state,” Dodik concluded.

More on Mustafa Ceric:

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Al Jizz to broadcast Islamic propaganda TV out of Sarajevo

At last!

Mustafa Ceric’s Heroin & Jihad Statelet  Can Beam Jihad TV Into EUrabia….

Sarajevo, 30 March (AKI) – The Arabic-language TV channel Al Jazeera has taken over a local television station in the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, city mayor Alija Behman said on Tuesday.

Behan said Al Jazeera was planning to open a regional centre in Sarajevo that would boost employment in the recession hit Balkans.

“Al Jazeera will establish a regional office in Sarajevo which is expected to lead to the creation of new jobs,” Behman told local media.

Wait a minute. Read it again:

to “boost employment in the recession hit Balkans?” Funny. They never had an economy of scale in the  Balkans, just like the fake “Palestinians” never had an economy. Ah, I get it: the recession that hit Europe, which makes it harder for the EUro dhimmies to pay the jiziya?  Right. Their problems are our problems.

See, its all about jobs, right?

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Sarajevo Muslims paint the pavements dysentery green

* Obviously, it didn’t occur to them to plant some trees…

Green pavements deemed “provocation”

* From B-92 with thanx to ZIP
SARAJEVO — The Croatia Libertas NGO says that the decision to paint pavements in Sarajevo in green is pure provocation.  

The non-governmental organization stated that the painted pavements were a clear message from Muslims to all the city’s other residents that Sarajevo was not the capital city of Bosnia-Herzegovina, but an ethnically Bosniak capital.

“This is a message of intolerance and a perfidious scene of ethnic cleansing that was preconceived as a way to drive away people of other ethnicities and religions living in Sarajevo,” said NGO President Leo Pločkinić.

He said that nowhere in the world were streets and pavements painted green—the color traditionally linked with Islam—not even in Tehran.

“It is clear that Sarajevo wants to be a greater Tehran than the capital city of the Islamic Republic of Iran itself,” Pločkinić surmised.

Sarajevo Mayor Semiha Borovac said that painting the pavements and streets green would be good for the city, because the city lacked greenery.


* Muslims are not the sons of the desert, they are the fathers of deserts….