Australia: “Migrant Cab Drivers” commit 24 Sexual Assaults in 6 Months

Taxi Council of SA chief executive Peter Johns said yesterday his organisation was considering a proposal that recent immigrants hold an unconditional licence for at least a year before being permitted to drive for a living.

“We are talking to multicultural organisations . . . so we can get better information to (drivers). They have to be aware of the Australian way of life,” he said.

Yeah, brother: Talk to multicultural organizations, that’ll do it!

Are you wondering already what the ‘cultural background’ of these cab-drivers might be? Could it be the Mooselimbs again who believe infidel women are war-booty?,23599,21114425-421,00.html


But here’s one who got caught:

Refugee jailed for 24 years for rapes,23599,21143092-421,00.html

January 30, 2007
Article from: AAP

A SUDANESE refugee who committed three rapes in a three-day spree of violence just a month after he arrived in Australia was sentenced today to 24 years in jail.

The Victorian Supreme Court was told that Hakeem Hakeem, 21, committed the crimes – including rape and false imprisonment – in March 2005, a month after arriving in Australia.

The crime spree, which occurred in Dandenong, in Melbourne’s outer southeast, started with the rape of a 16-year-old girl at a scout hall on March 10.

The next day Hakeem broke into the home of another woman, raping and bashing her so severely that she was in hospital for 11 days, the court was told.

On March 12, Hakeem attacked a young couple at the same scout hall where the first rape took place, forcing them to have sex in front of him.

He also raped the female victim.

Justice Murray Kellam told the court the offences that Hakeem carried out were serious.

You raped three women in a period of three days in violent and frightening circumstances,” Justice Kellam said.

“You did not respond to any threat, rather you found your victims in their own private spaces and imposed your violence and sexual lust upon them,” Justice Kellam said.

Justice Kellam sentenced Hakeem to 24 years in jail, with a non-parole period of 17 years.

That makes him 38 when he gets out. He will do it again…

7 thoughts on “Australia: “Migrant Cab Drivers” commit 24 Sexual Assaults in 6 Months”

  1. Rape has been used for centuries by muslims as a weapon to annihilate, humiliate, and impose power over their enemies. Most muslims still follow the tribal system of islam, don’t expect change overnight.

  2. We need an armed response. Since our guvments are letting us down. I say we have roving snipers take thes epeople out. We need to use the stealth techniques of the ninja.

    I hope he dies in jail but if he gets out there should be a price on his head. He should be subject to sudden annihilation.

    Who’s got the skills? Where do we acuire these skills?

  3. or maybe every one of these scum who rape a Western woman should experience a broomstick up his bum!

  4. This isn’t good. I am sure there will be more of it.
    We all know islam isn’t compatible with western democracy, but how much worse would “almost Stone-Age” muslims be?

    Wouldn’t they have been more comfortable in New Guinea for example?
    Ok,,racism if you like, but realistically this can never work. There is no common denominator here whatever.

  5. Bring a third world mentality here on masse and soon we will become exactly like them.The major parties have paid homage to immigration at any cost to keep economic growth going.Crime,corruption and importing
    stupid ignorant people in a world that requires more intelligence, will be our greatest folly.

  6. Gramfan, rumor has it that some Imam in New Guinea converted to Christianity since he couldn’t find any converts for his cult.
    Couldn’t get a link, otherwise I would have posted it…

  7. Thank you for the information you provide. I would like to know if the Christian Sudanese refugees have been implicated in these crimes or are they just being perpetrated by the Muslims?
    If the Christians are not involved I don’t see why they should be discriminated against. Surely they are the real victims of genocide by a Muslim militia in Sudan.

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