Church of the Raving Moonbats

With thanks to Andrew Bolt:

First it was Michael Leunig insisting that although George Bush and John Howard were of course unacceptably evil, “Might we, can we, find a place in our heart for the humanity of Osama bin Laden?”

Now Sydney’s Central Baptist Church has likewise chosen from among all the people to remember in its prayers the one who’d most want them dead:

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  1. I propose a meeting of prayers for the victims of this creep, and all the other deaths he and his ilk are responsible for.

    What the f*** is this church doing? Where is the sympathy for the suffers?

    Bin Laden: hippocrite personified.
    Born into a wealthy saudi family, educated, playboy of the Middle east and wherever else he chose to go. Now lives frugally in a cave and teaches people how to kill and maim – after he has had all the trappings of wealth etc etc.

    Looks like we can’t even count on the clergy for help other than Cardinal Pell, and very few others.

  2. I’ve never seen the church in such moral decay before.I’d love to ask the minister WTF is he on about?Hence why I’m an athiest.I wonder if next Sunday he will prey for Hicks and the rest of the jihadis?Maybe they will prey for the poor tortured souls of paedophiles,muderers and rapists?
    Do these ministers actually know what obl would do to them?
    No wonder the countries a mess.

  3. like I said,,,,
    never expect any religious leader or group to be intelligent. Religous groups are supposed to be stupid. I am not surprised one iota by this.

  4. Jesus does love Osama, but that has nothing to do with whether or not Osama’s actions are acceptable. These are two separate things. Remember that Jesus never said it was okay to commit adultery or kill your neighbor, divorce your wife or lie… and Jesus never said that other people should accept evil.

    Loving someone doesn’t mean you accept and condone evil. You fight evil and pray that Osama comes to his senses. You find Osama and put him in prison and try him like Saddam. “Love” isn’t a get out of jail card. People are responsible for what they do & don’t do regardless of ‘love’.

  5. Does Jesus love Adolf Hitler? I mean if they’re going for BAD.. let’s see them go all the way. do they have an email you could publish here? I’d love to suggest my idea to them. They want a reaction – they’ll have one.

  6. Funny you should ask that question allaisnogood, because I snapped these shots of the church over the past few months. Thats one sick parish!


    Is that a military fatigue used as a backround design on the sign? Very, very creepy.

  7. by saying Jesus loves Osama they are actually saying that they themselves (the congregation of the church) love Osama because a true Christian is meant to live his or her life as Jesus did.
    This is a strikingly powerful message and brings back memories of the Amish community reaction to the killings that took place there some six months ago when the killer was forgiven unconditionally. I have been an atheist for many years now but stories like these have got me thinking that there is something worthwhile in christianity. Till recently I believed all religion did was breed intolerance, hate and ignorance (not just Islam but all religions)but stories like these certainly make one re-assess one’s position. If only GWB and his administration did some soul searching and reassessing after 9/11 the world may certainly be a different place now.

  8. Ok its up on their site now: Bin Laden must be rolling on the floor laughing!

    Calls for Osama love
    God urged Christians to spread the love, and one Sydney church is doing just that, albeit in a slightly unconventional way.

    The Central Baptist Church on George Street has called for us to love God, love our neighbours and love Osama bin Laden.

    The controversial billboard also includes a bible verse urging Christians to pray for the world’s number one terrorist.

    A quote from the Book of Matthew urges people to ‘love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you’.

    The church has defended the sign, claiming its message is that God loves everyone.

  9. Jesus loves Osama. Dead, or alive.
    So let’s hang the pig. He will still have Jesus’ love and, if Jesus’ love is universal, so will we.

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