Australian Muslim speaker: revolution or civil war may be necessary in order to create an Islamic state

“What is at stake is not just the destiny of the Muslim world but indeed the whole of mankind.”

Indeed. Something for our resident moonbat “atheist” to consider; because the life of an atheist is worthless and he must not be allowed to live in the Islamic paradise.

“Sydney conference speaker demands Islamic state,” from Australia’s ABC News

A speaker at a conference in Sydney’s south-west says a revolution or a civil war may be necessary in order to create an Islamic state, or caliphate.

The meeting has been organised by the controversial Muslim group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is banned in several countries overseas.

A number of politicians have called for the group to be banned here.

One of today’s speakers, Ashraf Doureihi, told the audience action needs to be taken to ensure an Islamic state is created.

“It is important… [to move] collectively in the Muslim world to demand this change from such influential people in our lands, even if it means spilling onto the streets to create a revolution or staging a military coup,” he said.

Hizb ut-Tahrir spokesman Wasim Durie has told the audience a number of speakers will address the meeting today and discuss ways of establishing an Islamic super-state.

“As we were here today, what is at stake is not just the destiny of the Muslim world but indeed the whole of mankind,” he said.

The conference runs all day.


Last Update: Sunday, January 28, 2007

NSW Premier Morris Iemma (The Dilemma) says Hizb-ut Tahrir wants to declare war on Australia. [File photo] (ABC TV)


Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this not the same Morris Iemma who got his seat (and sold his ass) for the Muhammedan vote? And now, since the genie is out of the bottle he is calling for help from the conservative government?

Or is he afraid that Al Hilali will take his seat at the next election? Hilarious!


Australian contributers please help us find images of these Hizb ut Tahrir subversives!

Here’s one:

Wassim Doureihi – leader of the Australian arm of Hezb ut-Tahrir – says he is a Muslim first and an Australian second.

The enemy within – Muslim fanatics in Australia
Large numbers of Muslims living in Australia openly flout our hospitality and tolerance while advocating the replacement of our democratic system with theocratic fascism.

Wassim Doureihi, the firebrand leader of the Australian branch of Hizb ut-Tahrir – the Party of Liberation- claims he is a Muslim first and an Australian second.

New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma is calling on the Federal Government to ban the group Hizb-ut Tahrir, which is holding a conference in south-west Sydney today.

According the Hizb ut-Tahrir website, millions of Muslims pray for the dominance of Islam over the kuffar (that’s the rest of us).

Hizb-ut Tahrir, which is banned in Europe and parts of the Middle East, focuses on the idea of creating an ideal Islamic state somewhere in the world.

Mr Iemma says the group should be banned from Australia.

“This is an organization that is basically saying that it wants to declare war on Australia, our values and our people,” he said.

“That’s the big difference and that’s why I believe that they are just beyond the pale.

“Enough is enough! And it’s time for the Commonwealth to review this organization’s status and take the lead from other countries and ban them.”

The Federal Opposition says the Government should have considered denying a visa to the Lakemba conference’s controversial keynote speaker.

Opposition immigration spokesman Tony Burke says Ismail Yusanto, from Indonesia, has expressed radical views in the past that should have been investigated by the Government. ( That’s right: Who allowed this radical POS into the country?)
“My fear is that they haven’t even bothered to have a look at it,” he said.

Today Dr Yusanto has outlined how an Islamic state would work, and said all its members would have to be prepared for jihad, or holy war, to defend it.

Dr. Yusanto is -no doubt- another ‘moderate muslim…’

13 thoughts on “Australian Muslim speaker: revolution or civil war may be necessary in order to create an Islamic state”

  1. They want a revolution? Let them try it-something tells me Australians will break enough heads to stop this “revolution” dead in its tracks. That would be a wonderful development, since not only will a bunch of losers get what they richly deserve but it will be a perfect example to the rest of the West on how to deal with this scum.

  2. Geeeez! what is it going to take to get these creeps out of here?
    Or is the govt. letting them say what they like so that all can hear it?
    It was on ABC2 news -what a surprise!

    Sheik: glad you got this one covered. I was going to let you know as it was also on SkyNews. Well done mate!

  3. ISLAMSFORLOSERS – you need Islam ‘cos you’re a loser?

    Get a grip man – they’re not advocating Oz to be an islamic state. They’re talking about Muslim countries.

  4. “Shareef says

    Get a grip man – they’re not advocating Oz to be an islamic state. They’re talking about Muslim countries. ”

    Last time I looked at an atlas there were quite a few islamic states:
    Saudi Arabia, Pakistan,Lybia, Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia,,,etc

    So are you saying he thinks we need more of those? I didn’t get that impression. Guess keysar will go into damage-control AGAIN tomorrow.

    Great – more failed states who like to live under 7th century rules and 21st century technology, and blame the world if things don’t work out just right?

  5. Shareef,

    But Hilaly has said Australia IS A MUSLIM COUNTRY. I suppose because a few indonesian brothers went fishing of NT a bit before captain cook.


  7. # Shareef Says:
    January 28th, 2007 at 12:47 pm

    ISLAMSFORLOSERS – you need Islam ‘cos you’re a loser?

    Get a grip man – they’re not advocating Oz to be an islamic state. They’re talking about Muslim countries.

    Then let them spout their rhetoric in THEIR countries. We find it threatening and insulting. You know what happens when you keep threatening and insulting people??

    It too the Holocaust for the “Jooz” whom u moFoes hate so much to finally get fed up and take on their enemies head-on.

    Do NOT get us too pissed off in our OWN LANDS!!! You do so at your own peril. Our own guvments won’t be able to hold us back.

  8. So they’re holding conferences on how to implement sharia in THIER lands but the location of these meetings HAS to be in a WESTERN COUNTRY??!!

    Why don’t WE have public meetings on how to PREVENT sharia from coming to us in – say – Saudi Arabia??

    How about it, shareef?

    Methinks mecca would be a good place for an anti-sharia conference.

    Oh, stupid me, I forgot. Mecca is **SEGREGATED**.. no kuffar allowed.. HOW could I possibly forget??!! After all the Arabs are such *hospitable* folks.

  9. Ashraf Doureihi
    Design & Investigations Engineer
    Tel: +61 2 99368232
    Fax: +61 2 99368203
    Address: PO Box 12, North Sydney 2059

    NSW – North Sydney Council
    The Society has come to prominence mainly in its well-organised and well-attended Their search revealed that the speaker at the Auburn meeting named by the Oz as Abu Sumaiya
    is in fact Ashraf Doureihi, a Sydney civil engineer and part-time extremist. He is an Australian member of an international network of similar cells called Hizb ut-Tahrir.
    internal seminars for non-Muslim boys. However, it has also received attention in the
    Australian media, receiving attention in the 7.30 Report

    and he is using rate payers money to send emails to other muslims on muslim village!

    From: “Ashraf Doureihi”
    To: ,, ,
    Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 11:22:55 +1000
    Subject: absolutely urgent bros…

    It is time for all Australians who care about their country to demand a referendum on “Stop Islam/Muslim Immigration into Australia.”
    Muslims have proved that they are not interested in assimilation and in fact they preach against it.
    If the Liberals or Labor were really fair dinkum about our National Security they would use a referendum to get Australian’s real opinions about their so called acceptance of the Islamic threats of violence to our society in the form of the proposed Islamic State.
    Why does our Government insist on letting more and more Islamists/Muslims into our country? They are only creating an Islamic wooden horse that is white-anting our society. And why are so many Australians gun-shy (so to speak) when it comes to the words racist or anti-Muslim. There is absolutely no racial slur in not wanting a violent, fundamentalist sect running rampant in our country and disturbing our way of life. Australians give a fair go to people but the Muslims just don’t get it, they are now having a lend (re: Hilali and his crap).
    They spit in our society’s face every way that they can. Has Hilali stepped down yet? Has the Sydney faithful demanded that he piss off??
    If we do not nip them in the bud we will end up like France and England ….. a putrid mess. Muslims should be controlling their breeding so that they fit into their own historic countries then building those countries to be good places for their people to live and not the run-down shit holes that they have let them become.

  11. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. We believe that people that run to another country to hide are guttless dogs for not fighting for their people, culture and country. To kill innocent people and children and use their children to kill others Shows how Guttless they really are. Also to run from your country is a disgrace to your culture and people and to try to change the culture within the country that let you in is a disgrace too. Australian men are the best fighters in the world because they care about each other and dont back stab or use others to hide behind. If you wish to kill someone please try to have the gutt’s to kill the people that are killing you and the people in government that have cause your problems, but by looking from what has alredy happen they can kill the innocent. Reality is your your own god and your your own the devil ,all religions have been to be proven bullshit fact, so dont blame a book for your wrongs. Bill.

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