Ruddock refuses to ban Islamic group

Ruddock refuses to ban Islamic group (Why?)
Sunday, 28 January 2007

Call rejected: Mr Ruddock says the activities of the group in Australia do not warrant a ban. [File photo]ABC TV

Federal Attorney-General Phillip Ruddock has rejected calls to ban the controversial Islamic group, Hizb ut Tahrir, which has been holding a conference in south-west Sydney today.

The meeting focused on the creation of an Islamic state somewhere in the world, with full Sharia law.

(Translation: ‘Somewhere’ means we start in Australia)

New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma says Australia should follow the lead of Europe and parts of the Middle East in banning the group.

But Mr Ruddock says there is insufficient evidence to proscribe Hizb ut Tahrir as a terrorist organisation.

“I regard their message as being an unacceptable one in a pluralist society like ours,” he said.

“But just because people have messages that I don’t regard as broadly in keeping with Australian values, doesn’t mean they can be proscribed as terrorist organisations.”


Here’s another take from the Sydney Morning Herald:

Federal Opposition immigration spokesman Tony Bourke says the Federal Government should have considered denying a visa to the conference’s main speaker, Indonesian Ismail Yusanto, because he has been quoted as wanting to impose Sharia law in the west.

Mr Ruddock says Hizb ut Tahrir is being monitored but its activities in Australia do not warrant banning it.

(Translation: We wait for them to bomb us and then we’ll get tough, otherwise we miss out on trade with the ME)

Today, Dr Yusanto told about 500 people gathered in Lakemba that the members of an Islamic state would have to be prepared for jihad, or holy war, to defend it.

“It is important… [to move] collectively in the Muslim world to demand this change from such influential people in our lands, even if it means spilling onto the streets to create a revolution or staging a military coup,” he said.

(‘Our lands’ means all the lands on earth, because everything in this world belongs to Allah and his religion, and infidels have no place in it)

He said the west should be shown the error of its ways.

“Capitalist secularist ideology that they adopt is inherently corrupt,” Dr Yusanto said.


Yes Yusanto: We need creeps like you to mend our evil ways!

We need a Muhammedan jihadi from Indonesia of all places to tell us how corrupt we are:

Just piss off and never come back, will you?

11 thoughts on “Ruddock refuses to ban Islamic group”

  1. “Just piss off and never come back, will you? ”
    Hear, Hear!!

    Can’t find Ruddock’s current contact details – bummer.

  2. Why exactly should they be banned anyway. They’re not advocating violence. I can find penty of Jews who wanted the sick war on Iraq and now wanting war on Iran – why not ban them?

  3. “Shareef Says:

    January 28th, 2007 at 12:43 pm
    Why exactly should they be banned anyway. They’re not advocating violence. I can find penty of Jews who wanted the sick war on Iraq and now wanting war on Iran – why not ban them? ”

    Ban them from where?

    Oh really???? They want sharia law so how do you think they are going to get it without a fight? I don’t think so! Sounds like they are advocating violence to me.

    Where are those Jews? I don’t know of any. Didn’t see them out protesting in the streets of OZ, or having a rally/meeting here to attack Iraq. Did I miss something?

    Do you mean the Israelis who took out Saddam’s nuclear power? That is because he fired scud missiles into Israel during the first gulf war. Israel didn’t get involved in that, in fact the US told them not to. That is called self-defence.

    As for war on Iran,,I think Bush is more vocal here than Olmert. And since Armanimonkey, hezbollah and hamas have vowed to destroy Israel do you really expect them to sit there and do nothing?

    Pathetic analogy really. There is no comparison with Jews and Muslims; not on any level.

    Sheik: I think we have another mo-troll!

  4. shareef, Isreal wants to live in piece not in pieces as would your muslim friends like. HI SHEIK!

  5. 65mustang,
    lol! I do a lot of typo’s myself! I think it comes from “typographical”.
    You chose.

  6. shareef.. please go live in Indonesia or some other festering islamic hellhole!!! We Westerners can get along JUST FINE without you!!! you are the ones who keep flooding into our countries. you are the ones who make life increasingly unlivable for us.

    I sincerely wish that Israel will kick out all the mahometans from Judea and Samaria NOW!!!!

    Australians!! please vote as right-wing as you CAN!! Noone else will reverse this flood of islamo-locusts into our lands!!!

  7. Are there no true-blue Australians who have covert skills they could use against these folks??

    They need to start feeling less than so secure in our lands. They are WAY to comfortable among us.

    Yet they feel free to kidnap and kill tourists even in formerly peacable places like Bali.

    Time to turn the tables.

  8. I am going to troll the internet find Islamic rants change the wording from Infidel to Muslim and post them on all main stream media bloggs with a link to the original hate speech.
    That should get the snivel libertarians going and egg on their faces when they try call me racist they are too stupid to look at links!
    Any one want to join me feel free, I recon if we spammed all blogg with revers hate speech too many people will have to pay attention to it.
    I got the Idea from radio 2GB they where doing it.

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