Pack rape film explores “misunderstandings between Muslims and non-Muslims”

With thanks to Andrew Bolt – Monday, January 29, 07

‘The Wrong Girl’ is a taxpayer-funded film that will argue something strange about the notorious pack rape of a teenage Sydney girl by 14 Lebanese Muslim youths, led by Bilal Skaf. (pictured)

Let writer Nicholas Hammond explain:

Mr Hammond said he hoped that the film would be “provocative’’ and highlight “the misunderstandings between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Its aim was to “stimulate active debate about social issues,’’ he added. “We’re trying to make something that has more global ramifications – particularly between the Muslim and non-Muslim world – and explore the fact there’s a lack of understanding there, which creates conflict,’’ Mr Hammond said.

A teenage girl is brutally pack raped over six hours due to a “lack of understanding”? What part of the word “no” did these animals not understand?

I very much hope the film has message different to the one Hammond suggests, but given that it’s been handed $51,000 of government grants makes me fear it’s exactly as advertised.


To pretend that rape has ‘nothing to do with Islam’ while trying to present rape as some kind of cultural ‘misunderstanding’ is just absurd; making a movie projecting this kind of idiocy makes matters only worse, much worse.

Muhammad himself had forced sex (rape) with several of his slave girls/concubines. This is perfectly allowed, both in the sunna and in the Koran. If you postulate that many of the Muslims in Europe view themselves as a conquering army and that European women are simply war booty, it all makes perfect sense and is in full accordance with Islamic law. And Muslims do follow their medieval religious laws, even today:…”

Fjordman explains:

The number of rapes committed by Muslim immigrants in Western nations are so extremely high that it is difficult to view them only as random acts of individuals. It resembles warfare. This happens in most Western European countries, as well as in other infidels countries such as India. In Bradford, England, Channel 4 pulled a documentary about Pakistani and other Muslim men sexually abusing white English girls, some as young as 11. Writer Theodore Dalrymple thinks that “thanks to their cultural inheritance, (Muslim) abuse of women is systematic rather than unsystematic as it is with the whites and blacks.” In France, grotesque reports about systematic gang rapes of French or “too Western” Muslim girls keep coming in. At the same time, European jails are getting filled up with Muslims imprisoned for robberies and all kinds of violent crimes, and Muslims bomb European civilians. You can see the mainstream media are struggling to make sense of all of this. That’s because they can’t, or don’t want to, see the obvious: This is exactly how an invading army would behave. Rape, pillage and bomb.

Read it all….

20 thoughts on “Pack rape film explores “misunderstandings between Muslims and non-Muslims””

  1. The reporter who wrote this article did so under false pretences(the reporter used Cindy Wockner as a referee).The reporter incorrectly quoted Nicholas Hammond.In fact Nicholas contacted (drove out to visit)my daughter about the article first thing Sunday morning after seeing the result in the paper.Nicholas explained to us ( and we have read the script) that the movie is about the way the SYSTEM treated her in court(in particular the way the Defence Council treated her).Concentrating also on the relationship between her and the Prosecutor(Margaret Cunneen).
    So before jumping to conclusions this movie has been OK’d by my daughter and family.Nicholas Hammond is one of the good blokes and the movie is about the trail itself.There are not going to be scenes of the rape just a lot of speaking roles.
    You know of course Nicholas was the little boy in ‘The Sound Of Music’.
    In short its the Editor of the Tele thats got a problem with his reporters.
    Just wait till the Law Society see’s this film,they will be screaming their tits off.

  2. I also appreciate this comment D.T.
    I saw this story a few days ago and put the link on another thread, and was a little concerned as I was wondering how you and your family felt about it.

  3. DT
    My niece was also gang raped except she did not know the Guys, she was at a Inner-city rave, some one slipped something in her drink because all she remembers is laying on the floor with the Gang of boys around her, They where Middle eastern, The place was that crowded no one saw what was going on, plus the fact they surrounded her so no one would. after they where done they just walked away and left her there on the floor……she is one of the many who did not report it, how could she? she did not know who these boy where, all she knows is one moment she was dancing the next she was on the floor.
    The only blessing is what every drug they gave her numbed her completely she could barely move, so she wont have to remember the pain…..that s how she lost her virginity.
    She went a bit off after that sleeping around and disrespecting her self she has settled down now, but it happened and nothing will take it away, not even taking the pigs to court.
    What is most distressing about your daughter is she actually knew and trusted these boys, it happened around the same time 1997.
    I feel so sad for these boys as well, because who put this shit in their heads, raped these boys of decency and a chance at a normal life….they too suffer, I am sure they would never of attempted this or even thought about it if it was not for the influence of these dirty old Muftis and sheiks filling their heads up with the glory of Islam and world domination……
    That is who rape our girls the boys where pawns tools, locked away while these pigs corrupt more innocent minds………….I hope there is a focus on this aspect, and show the Muslim mothers of Australia what these evil men are doing to their sons……
    I am sorry for your trauma that has affected your lives, you seam all very brave and thank god you are…………Goanna

  4. Goanna
    thanks for sharing yet another painful story.

    I am speechless as to what is going on in this country, and what these creeps are getting away with.
    We don’t need this in our country, and as I have said before, since my only weapon is a computer, I will use it to my fullest ability.

    Every now and then I can’t handle it:but I keep coming back to this, and several other sites, as I find it cathartic and I don’t feel so powerless.
    Some of the family and friends think I am obssessed yet each time hilali et al comes out with yet another example of the lunacy of islam they say: you were right!
    I believe the population is waking up to this awful mess we have here.
    I see this as our main hope.
    Stories like yours and D.T.’s need to be told, loudly and often!

  5. PS
    Where I am coming from:

    I just wanted to mention that I was in the US on 9/11, in Arizona.
    I had never heard of Bin Laden.
    I knew back then it was the start of WW3 or worse.
    I was terrified that I would never get back here as no planes were flying for days – thankfully I did. I had a lot of trauma conselling and am still not over it.

    When the cartoon fiasco errupted about a year ago I actually thought this was even worse because I could see that they were trying to muzzle free speech in western democracies. How dare they? We didn’t vote for them to rule us.

    That was when I started to educate myself about islam and what I have learned since then is a LOT! And I don’t like any of it.

  6. Sorry to hear about you’re niece Goanna and to lose her virginity like that..
    All I want is five minutes with any of these scum……
    I can’t say that I will ever have sympathy for them for they knew exactly what they were doing and only showing remorse(yea right) in court so their sentences could be reduced.The only good mussie is a dead mussie…

  7. Looks like we need a new political party.

    How about ‘Anti Islam Coalition’- (AIC) or ‘Stop Islamo-fascism NOW’ (SIFN)

    We have to start working on a program…

  8. DT:

    I picked this up from Andrew Bolt’s blog. Can you confirm this or was that another case?
    Posted by Dee of Sydney on Tue 30 Jan 07 at 12:11pm
    I hope the film makers intend to include the scenes outside the courtroom featuring the families and friends of the rapists.

    Members of the press were threatened, cameras smashed, the prosecutor Margaret Cuneen called a ‘slut’ by these fine upstanding citizens, the police accused of setting up innocent boys because they ‘hate Muslims’ (but, on the other hand, the girls deserved it according to the same family members), etc etc – the usual behaviour by the usual suspects.

    There is no ‘misunderstanding’ here. And to answer Zumba Bumba’s question “where did they get their values from’

    Their own families and communities, judging by the response I saw. None of these family members hung their heads in shame over the actions of their sons, on the contrary, they defended them to the hilt. In fact, they tried to blame it on the victims and on Australian society.

    John : “ … but they are Australians after all whether you like it or not.”

    Wrong. The rapists identified themselves as Lebanese, not once but many times and called the girls ‘Aussie pigs’ and ‘Aussie sluts’. They most certainly do not identify as ‘Australians’.

    Being born in an orange crate does not make one an orange – just as being born in Australia does not make one an Australian.

  9. Highly suspicious, Gramfan. Wonder why they don’t want to let us know the identity or the background of those ‘Migrant’- cab drivers.

    I wonder: Do we really need migrant cab-drivers?

  10. Yes, all of that and more occurred during the trials ( my daughter has been through 3 so far and another retrial to start on the 5th).The behaviour of the family and relatives was disgraceful.Lets also not forget mamma Skaf carrying on like a slaughtered pig after sentencing,faking a heart attack when older Skaf got 55yrs(now 28).I was in the public gallery with these halfwits screaming “SLUT” at Margaret and calling Judge Finnane “a fucking lier”,mind you they were saying it in Arabic.
    Lets also not forget that these same family members were threatened with perjury if they didn’t stop lying to the court.
    After the sentences were announced (and after mamma Skaf’s carry on) they were seated near the stairs and daddy Skaf was behind the chair, his wife was sitting in it , so as we went passed them I looked into his eyes and he couldn’t look at me! Fucking coward!!!!!

  11. P.S:Yes I do want to start a political party and have even looked into it.
    Need to start a party then get 500 members submit it at the AEO (it takes about 6-8 weeks) and then pay $500 for the privilege.
    Start one and I’m in………BIG TIME.

  12. thanks, D.T.!

    I wanna be there for the next trial. Let me know!

    And lets work on this party thing: 500 members is not that many. I want to make this blog the best in Australia, – long way to go, but I got the muzak, baby!

  13. I’ll post the times.It will be at The Downing Centre next Monday.I have been asking my friends what they want from government and its almost what I want.Its just the blatant corruption that’s happening at the moment .
    Not one political party has any balls to stand up for the good of the public.

  14. The only misunderstandings that Muslim men have with women (muslim and non-muslim), is that they see them as inferior and that they do all at their command…

    They therefore see woman as an object to denigrate…

    I actually feel sorry for the misguided souls, that are so guilt ridden by their bloody religion, that they dream up all these acts of violence and rape to take the guilt away…

    Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc etc. break the law of this country by raping women…

    When they do it – put them away for 20-40 years…

    Msg to Skaf – rot in hell you evil Muslim – see you out in 2033…

    Peace. love and all that stuff….

  15. lets do to them what hitler did to the jews. I was watching 24 lsat night and someone on that show suggested setting up concentration camps to lock up every single muslim. We should do that here. It will be great. Leave them locked up forever. 200 000 muslims locked up and convert all mosques to churches. The way of the future.

  16. Hi Gramfran,
    I was in Houston Texas on Sept 11th. It was very scary. We didn’t know if the oil refineries around there were going to be targets as well. I was just so glad to get home. I am also studying Islam. I have just read Robert Spencer’s The truth about Muhammed and am starting on The myth of Islamic Tolerance. We have to know our enemies. Our local paper has agreed to publish a sura from the Qur’an and a Bible text next to it in their Public Notices.
    Anyone out there please feel free to make suggestions as to sura #’s.

  17. Hello Helen,
    Scary it certainly was! Especially so far from home. I think the more we can learn and the more we can spread this message: the better!!

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