Ready For A Dose Of Reality?

Palestinian state won’t solve conflict, says Israeli ex-army chief

by Ron Bousso
HERZLIYA, Israel (AFP) – A two-state solution based on Israeli territorial concessions to the Palestinians will not lead to broader stability in the Middle East, former Israeli army chief of staff Moshe Yaalon has warned.


LGF-Charles sez: Only fools believe that the global jihad will lose steam if Palestinians achieve their unearned, unwanted statehood. In reality, the opposite is true.


“The resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — which I wish we could resolve and I cannot see it being solved in the near future — will not lead to stability in the Middle East,” he told an annual conference on Israeli national security in Herzliya, north of Tel Aviv Monday.

“International pressure on the state of Israel for territorial concessions will only strengthen the jihadi threat being led by Iran today and encourage them to continue to attack Israel and the West,” Yaalon said.

“The two-state paradigm as a solution to the conflict is irrelevant at this stage. The solution of the conflict will not solve the Islamic attack against the West.”

Don’t call me smart ass because I told you so:

Has anyone ever asked the question what the economic foundation of such a Palestinian state would be? The Jiziyah?

Is Jihad & hatred a business? It sure seems so. Just wondering why nobody spoke truth to power before…

But let’s give ’em a state anyway:

3 thoughts on “Ready For A Dose Of Reality?”

  1. They could have had their own “state” in 1948. They were talked out of it then by the arab world, talked out of it when Ehud Barak offered them 95% of what they wanted, and that still wasn’t enough.

    My guess is they don’t really want a state cos then they would have to run it properly – which they can’t. So much easier to blame Israel, and the US, but mainly Israel instead of that disgusting creep,,arafat.

    No, they just want the Israelis to walk away and give them everything which they will destroy in no time like they destroyed the greenhouses in Gush Kativ, bought for them by Mr Microsoft. Now all that is left are the tunnels they have dug for transporting weapons to murder Israelis.

    Such “wonderful” people. Hey,,let’s give them a couple of states,,maybe more. Yep,,they would really know what to do with all that land,,and pigs will fly!

  2. Thanks Gramfan.

    Three, four generations of hate-indoctrinated ‘Palestinians’ with no economic base, no useful know-how, no skills other than bomb-making, no positive motivation in any way, nothing but an ideology of murderous hatred, what can possibly come of that?

    A gravy-train forever.
    Unless the west can make the Arabs pay for it we will be stuck footing the bills, and they see it as their god-given ‘right’- the jiziyah.

    These Arabs have to be resettled in Jordan and in other Arab countries, no other way…

  3. Would someone think a person’s IQ would double if someone grafted another head onto that person’s body? Of course not-it would be an absurd monstrosity. So is this “two state solution”. Yet there are people pushing for this absurd monstrosity. THEY could use a new head-one with a functioning brain-if they truly believe that this idea will work, because there’s no way it ever will.

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