‘Good Family, Good People, Good…….What?????

You have to read your way all the way down to find out that these good people are actually not Christians or Buddhists, they are, -you guessed it: The Usual Suspects:

Five arrested in Britain terror raids
David Byers and Agencies
January 24, 2007

From The Australian

FIVE men were arrested in Britain today in separate early morning raids in West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.
Two men, aged 25 and 29, were held in Halifax “on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism”, police said. In a separate raid three others, two aged 24 and another aged 32, were arrested in Cheetham Hill and Longsight, Manchester.

Anti-terrorism officers from the Metropolitan Police supported by colleagues from the West Yorkshire force made the arrests in Halifax at around 6am. A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said the arrests were part of an “intelligence-led operation”.

The two men are currently in custody and were today being taken to a London police station where they were to be questioned by officers.

The spokeswoman added: “The men were arrested at separate houses in Halifax. Both premises, plus two others in the area, are currently being searched.

“As part of the same operation, officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command today began searching a flat in north London. This search continues.”

Police would not confirm the address where the Halifax arrests were made, but an officer from the operational support division of West Yorkshire Police was this morning at an address in the Pellon area of Halifax.

A neighbour, who lives six doors down from the property said three brothers lived there with their family.

He said: “They are a good family, they are decent people.”

Well, at least he didn’t say they’re ‘good Muslims’- not yet:

* Believe it or not, while I was doing this story the Australian took it off. So I  had to replace it with this one from the Times Online:

The Times January 24, 2007

Dawn raid on men ‘who helped terror suspect’
Russell Jenkins and Daniel McGrory
Five arrested ‘but no imminent threat’
Police seek to placate Muslims



In London senior officers are discussing whether Muslim leaders can be given access to the intelligence behind raids so that communities can be assured that operations are based on sound suspicions.

There is also discussion about whether some trusted leaders may be alerted to operations before they take place.

* Good Night Great Britain!

2 thoughts on “‘Good Family, Good People, Good…….What?????”

  1. Yeah, they’re always good people. But it’s to be expected-mindless leftism has made this phrase commonplace throughout the world. In the US, anytime some stupid punk kid gets killed while committing a crime his friends and family always say “he was a good kid” on the news. The left has never met a punk or an Islamaniac that was bad-and it never will. That’s why both crime and Islamania spread unabated.

    By the way, does anybody in power in any Western nation think it’s a good idea to stop having these “good “folk coming in? Perhaps that would cut down on the number of “good” people getting arrested for spreading “peace” a wee bit.

  2. I love you I saw you on the Aikerman page…………..you make my day..
    I want to come hang out on the croc farm, I know where there is plenty of stock feed…..here in sydney. Pig farms are good but crocks are better…..

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