Religion of Peace Member Threatens to Blow Up Paper

Al-Qa’ida in ‘threat’ to blow up paper

Rebecca Weisser/ with thanks to The Australian

January 24, 2007

A MAN claiming to represent al-Qa’ida in Australia has left a telephone message at an Arabic Australian newspaper threatening to kill its editor-in-chief and destroy its offices in Sydney and Melbourne.
Apparently reading from a script, the Arabic-speaking caller threatened to butcher every Iraqi Kurd and Shi’ite in Australia.
ASIO and NSW police are investigating the message, left for al-Furat editor-in-chief Hussein Khoshnow 10 days ago.

The caller claims his “well-structured organisation” will track down the names and addresses of the newspaper’s reporters.

“We will destroy the newspaper’s headquarters in Sydney very soon, God willing,” the caller says. “We will destroy the newspaper’s headquarters in Melbourne. You will be butchered. Every Iraqi Kurd and Shi’ite in Australia will be butchered.”

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5 thoughts on “Religion of Peace Member Threatens to Blow Up Paper”

  1. And this one also:

    Internet video probe
    An Internet video glorifying gang rapist Bilal Skaf and boasting about the Cronulla riot revenge attacks is being investigated by the NSW Education Department.

    The department has identified a possible link between students at a western Sydney school and the online video featuring the self proclaimed ‘Soldiers of Granville Boys’.

    News Limited reports the investigation was prompted when an image of a dagger was placed on a Granville Boys High shirt, raising the question of whether current student were involved.

    An education department spokeswoman said when school resumes staff will determine if any of those featured in the video are current students.

  2. Geez, this guy must think he’s in Iraq making such threats. Just another example of how Islam views the entire world as its oyster-whether it’s Iraq, Australia or the North Pole these crazies feel at home in making their threats just like they’re in the ummah.

  3. This is simple guys, If our Lebanese muslim brothers yearn so much for an Islamic nation and they hate it so much here – then why dont we help them by relocating them back to Beirut. I bet the run of the mill, I love this sunburnt country kids would think it was great to be able to walk down the street without putting up with agro and crap from herds of Lebanese.

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