The Ignorance of Infidels

From the horses mouth: From ‘Islamic…’

Read it and weep: This is the mindset of the people we have allowed to settle in our midst, who are given health care, free schooling and welfare without gratitude, who are hostile and hateful as only our worst enemy can be and openly threaten to kill us if we don’t submit or live as dhimmies, subjugated people, in our own lands:

The Ignorance of Infidels: Myths, Prejudice and Propaganda About Islam and the West

“He [Allah] created life and death that He might put you to the test and find out which of you acquitted himself best.” 67: 1-2 Interpretation of Meaning

All Praise and All Thanks are for Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala to whom we shall all return to be judged on The Last Day.

Part One: The Fundamental Myth

The most fundamental myth of the infidels (the kuffar) – and a mark, a sign, of their prejudice and arrogance – is that they believe and accept that their values, the values of the West, are “universal values”; that is, that these kaffir values are right, objective, and can and should be imposed upon everyone, everywhere.

Let us be quite clear, at the outset, that the values, the perspective, of Islam – of Deen Al-Islam – are not those of the West. They are fundamentally different. We do not share a set of “common values” with the kuffar, with the West, just as our perspective, our view of the world, is not that of the kuffar, of the West. In addition, Deen Al-Islam is not compatible in any way whatsoever with the ways of the West, with the perspective of the West, with the “life-style” of the kuffar…

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