The West & Islam: Appeasement Doesn’t Work!

“Hurray! We’re Capitulating!”

By Henryk M. Broder

The prevailing feeling among Muslims is that they are being abused by the West. What should we do about it? We might as well surrender. After all, we’re already on our way.

This essay is an excerpt of Henryk M. Broder’s book “Hurra, Wir Kapitulieren,” (“Hurray! We’re Capitulating”) published by Wolf Jobst Siedler Verlag in 2006. The book spent a number of weeks atop the DER SPIEGEL bestseller list.

On the way to Eurabia…


Burning an effigy of Pope Benedict XVI in Baghdad. But then again, he did offend them.
Ten years ago, in the spring of 1996, the world still seemed more or less okay. The towers of the World Trade Center dominated the Manhattan skyline, the American president had an affair with an intern, the Helmut Kohl era was coming to an end in Germany, and intellectuals killed time by debating over whether Francis Fukuyama was right in claiming that we have reached the “end of history” and whether capitalism had truly triumphed or socialism had merely lost the first round. In those days few were aware of the fine distinction between Islam and Islamism.

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  1. It sure looks like this is happening but it is good someone has written a piece like this.

    But some good news today. Hilali has been told to cool his sermons so he isn’t giving any! In fact the lebanese community don’t want to run candidates in the next election.(as of about 1 hour ago – could change).

    And very OT,,,David Hicks,,, but I had a bit of a chuckle:,23599,21123074-5007146,00.html

    Hicks a hero? When pigs flyBy Tim Blair
    January 27, 2007 12:00am
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    ‘FREE David Hicks,” reads the sign Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters will display on a giant inflatable pig at his Australian concert venues.

    As gestures go, this is probably as offensive as it gets; Hicks (or Mohammed Dawood, to use his preferred title) converted to Islam seven years ago and his new religion regards pigs as unclean.

    Hell, Dawood’s religion regards even seeing-eye dogs as unclean.

    Islamic taxi drivers in Melbourne have refused to accept blind passengers because they were accompanied by evil labradors. Who knows what such touchy folk might make of a whole massive pig daubed with the name of their co-religionist?

    For shame, Roger Waters. The next round of Islamic rioting is all your fault.

    Meanwhile, please spare a thought for The Sun-Herald’s Alex Mitchell, whose candidate for Australian of the Year was unaccountably defeated this week.

    Last year Alex wrote: “For his refusal to grovel to his jailers at Guantanamo and his unbreakable spirit, Hicks should receive nominations from all over the country to become this year’s Australian of the Year.

    “Let’s hope that servicemen and women and people of good will send in entries to bring him home in glory from the illegal gulag of the fanatical idiocy of the Bush Administration.”

    It’s curious Mitchell denounces the Bush administration’s “fanatical idiocy” but wants to reward Hicks’s idiotic fanaticism with glory and honour.

    Similarly, the other day John Pilger was complaining in The Guardian about Australians fighting “faraway people with whom they have no quarrel and who offer no threat of invasion”.

    Which is exactly what Hicks was up to, yet Pilger regards the al-Qaeda member as some type of human rights victim.

    Anyway, I happily support calls for Hicks to be returned home, for it will provide a chance for Dawood’s supporters to finally meet the object of their affection.

    It’s easy for him to become idealised while safely hidden away in Guantanamo, but imagine how things might pan out if Hicks (whose letters to his father reveal a shocking anti-Semite) is returned to Australia …

    PHILLIP ADAMS (on stage at Balmain Town Hall): Greetings, friends of freedom! The great moment is nearly here – David Hicks is being driven from the airport right now to this, his welcome-home party! Sponsored by Radio National.

    CROWD: Yay!

    PHILLIP ADAMS: David’s journey from the airport is entirely carbon-neutral. His driver is under instruction to stop every 50m and plant a tree.

    CROWD: Yay!

    PHILLIP ADAMS: I’d remind you all not to take any flash photographs, because David was probably tortured by Americans using powerful lights. And don’t ask him for any autographs, since they most likely cut off his arms.

    CROWD: Yay! Er … boo!

    PHILLIP ADAMS: Here he comes now! It’s DAVID HICKS!

    (The crowd shrieks as the doors to the hall swing open. Passionate views on recycling and paper waste are temporarily put aside as hundreds of streamers arc through the air; wild whooping continues as the small but unmistakable figure of Hicks is led to the stage by a guard of honour composed of Fairfax columnists and Big Issue salespeople. He appears to be in good health, and to have put on weight during his confinement.)

    PHILLIP ADAMS: People, quiet! Quiet! Please!

    (An awed silence falls. The crowd spontaneously joins hands as Phillip turns to address Hicks, now standing beside him.)

    PHILLIP ADAMS: David, from all of us here today – students, teachers, student-teachers, the long-term unemployed, and journalists – may we simply say: Welcome home.


    (The crowd yowls for 10 minutes. Finally, Hicks speaks.)

    DAVID HICKS: Thank you …

    (A large pair of men’s underpants bearing the words “I LOVE DAVE” is flung from the crowd and lands on the microphone stand. Alex Mitchell is wrestled to the floor by security.)

    DAVID HICKS: … for all your support and that. I’m so happy to be home, and … and …

    (Hicks struggles to contain his emotions. The crowd roars.)

    DAVID HICKS: And I can’t wait to get back to the important work of destroying Jews everywhere.

    (The crowd falls silent. Confused glances are exchanged and low muttering begins; alarmed, Phillip grabs the microphone.)

    PHILLIP ADAMS: What David meant to say was: “Down with the Howard Government!”

    CROWD: Yay!

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