Will Bloggers Turn the Tide?

The exposure by blogs of bad and/or biased mainstream media reporting has shaken and stirred the PC-filth and their Mohammedan ‘special interest’ stringers. While Michelle Malkin and others are still looking for the  elusive Iraqi police-stringer ‘captain Jamil Hussein’ the MSM is still reeling over ‘green helmet guy’, remember? The guy who was leading the obliging western news-teams to every bomb crater and held up recycled children’s bodies wherever a bomb hit during the recent Israel/Hezbollah war?

Here’s more:

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The show must go on, but the bloggers have exposed some of the worst excesses in falsehood and anti-Israel reporting. Congratulations to Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs and the very courageous Michelle Malkin who is very much onto exposing the MSM’s biased, negligent and vicious distortions, which nowadays passes as ‘reporting’…