“A shameful submission to the Muslim thugs”- Australian lecture tour canceled

Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) rejects wake up call

Update with thanks to Dhimmi Watch:


Hebrew University Professor Raphael Israeli, author of the superb Islamikaze, has had his six-week Australian lecture tour canceled by the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) — because of his remarks about Muslim immigration. Dr. Israeli has kindly sent in from Australia some observations on the incident:


I became a celebrity two days after I arrived, and that subsumed all the rest of my activities. When the storm erupted, the dhimmi-like Jewish leadership cancelled all activities, in a shameful submisssion to the Muslim thugs and under the false claims of a “multi-cultural society” in Australia, which they know is not true.
The story is two-sided: I gave an interview and said many harsh words about Islam in Europe, which the reporter extrapolated as applying to Australia too. The other issue is the political correctness which does not allow those things to be said, though privately everyone supports what I said.

In any case, my teaching on Islam stands and it even increased interest in my lectures, but the public lecture tour was cancelled and the Jewish leadership shamefully disowned me instead of standing up for me. I blamed the violence of Muslims in the world (and by implication here) for the troubles they are having, but they chose to accuse the messenger. They apologized to the thugs and brought upon themselves the disgrace of unconditional submission.

They do not want to rock the boat. They are scared to stir things up. The easiest way for them was to sacrifice the guest they invited, thus punishing not me, but the Jewish audiences who need the education for which I was brought here.

I was also struck by the provinciality of the place, where a minor item of gossip about one individual who said something becomes a national issue. I am not the Minister of Immigration. Before me the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Costello have said harsher things after Muslim riots, but someone elected to seize upon this opportunity now and sweep Australia into a storm in a tea-cup.


Cancelled or not, the good professor got the ball rolling. Now the debate will begin in earnest. Nobody was expecting the Israel & Jewish Affairs Council to lead the charge against the Muhammedan hordes.

Sure, their shooting the messenger and their surrender looks shameful and is in no way contributing to -what should be- their instincts of self-preservation. But then again: The Jews were never good at self-preservation, were they?


Here is the inevitable smear from an ‘Ali Harris’- (Ali- as in Muslim)

Please note the deflection to

‘racism/discrimination/ethnic/Indonesians’ etc. without ever touching the actual substance matter.

There is not even the slightest attempt to refute the professor at any time.

Do you notice anything missing from this chihuahua-like attack? For example, a counter-argument?

Racist Jewish Professor Sparks Uproar in Australia

By Ali Harris

A self described academic on Islam and Jewish professor, Raphael Israeli, has been condemned for explicit racism and sparking trouble in Australia after calling for a limit on Islamic migration to Australia, because Muslims were violent.

Please click on the link above for the whole article…

4 thoughts on ““A shameful submission to the Muslim thugs”- Australian lecture tour canceled”

  1. “Nobody was expecting the Israel & Jewish Affairs Council to lead the charge against the Muhammedan hordes.”

    I think that explains it all really. Could be a dangerous thing for Israel, and Jews everywhere.

    However, it is pretty disgusting treatment for telling the truth.

  2. What can we do ? Who do we write to? Who do we phone?
    How about flooding letters to the editor of newspapers?
    This is perfect opportunity. Ideas needed!!!!!!

  3. farmgategirl:

    I am doing those things all the time. Email addies of MP’s etc are easy to find.Newspapers often have forums.
    Massive action is required.It can acheive a lot.

    I don’t know what else to do.
    I also send articles to friend hoping they will pass them on by email.
    Sooner or later some message has got to get out. Inch by inch,,,

  4. Europe falls by the wayside at a phenomenal rate and we are going at it inch by inch. When the proverbial does hit the fan it’s going to be dirty, the eminent war with Iran may just be the nudge to set the religion of bigots over the edge and we need to get neat and tidy in our conflict with not only the ravenous animals of islam but also the police, because they’ll take the easy route as they always have and the media because they’ll continue to pull the wool over everyones eyes and the politicians because they’ll be as useful as tits on a bull when the country spirals into civil chaos. A fair and equitable ploy would be to play the taqiyya card and convert to islam eating the bastards from the inside out as they are doing to us, remember they’re always looking for western recruits to worm their way in. Happy hunting folks…

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