This particular idea never made it into the parade in 2006. This year, though, organizers in Düsseldorf say there will be no limits.


The word on the coffin means “Freedom of opinion.” Murdered with a sabre, freedom of opinion is buried in 2006.

In 2005, when the diplomatic conflict between the United States and Iran was heating up, was the year of the “Mullah burger.”
0102079706500.jpgThis sketch, on the other hand, was never realized. It shows Iranian Mullahs hiding a nuclear warhead. 0102079706900.jpg

This motif will feature in the parade on Rose Monday. The banner reads “Peace Between Religions — The Greatest of All Illusions.”

*More of ‘all religions are the same’- generalization… 0102079708400.jpg

This idea also went a bit too far for the Düsseldorf city council. The headline reads, “Effective Terror Prevention At Last.”

* Bad taste and stupidity is no substitute for satire

Backbone (re-) discovered in Germany? Will they pull this off or is this just hot air?


From SPIEGEL online:

By Philipp Wittrock
In light of the Muhammad cartoon scandal in 2006, carnival jokesters in Germany went easy on Islam. This year, Muslim satire will return to at least one parade.

Polemical, provocative and striking — such is the nature of carnival parades in Germany. Last year, when 43-year-old Jacques Tilly was thinking of how to address the plight of women in Muslim countries, he followed his satirist’s instinct. The float he designed? Four Muslim women in a row, each more covered than the last. At the end, a woman tied inside a large trash bag.
Read it all:

4 thoughts on “CARNIVAL IN GERMANY: ISLAM NO LONGER TABOO – Neither is BUSH-hatred”

  1. Good for Tilly. Now he will be called an Islamophobe and will be targeted by one of those fatwas of death. It would be nice if he gets some protection and support from the government.

  2. I hope it goes ahead. The reactions will be predictable. But that isn’t a good excuse.

    Sheik – the site is going well. Easy to navigate, etc etc.
    The only thing that worries me is that every day you have soooooooo much work to do!!
    Oh for an “islam-free” day.

  3. “Effective Terror Prevention At Last.”

    That’d be the obligatory BDS float. Blaming GW is easier thanks actually thinking for a change. sigh.

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