Abu Laban -Cartoon Jihad Instigator- Dies, AP Prints Obituary

Imagine the damage this PoS caused for Denmark! A typical example of Muhammedan appreciation for European hospitality?

Here’s the cartoons:

Thanks to Little Green Footballs:
The Associated Press issues a fawning, highly misleading obituary for the Danish Islamic supremacist who kicked off the Cartoon Jihad by touring the Middle East and inciting violence: Controversial Danish imam Abu Laban dies. (Hat tip: Sugiero.)

A Palestinian immigrant who became Denmark’s leading imam, Abu Laban was thrust into the international spotlight during the firestorm over the prophet cartoons, when he accused Denmark of being disrespectful of Islam and Muslim immigrants.

Notice how the Associated Press refers to Mohammed simply as “the prophet.”

Agora has a good post on this terror-supporting, jihad-preaching cleric, with the information that the Associated Press doesn’t think you need to know: Danish Imam Abu Laban knew about planned Martyr operation.

3 thoughts on “Abu Laban -Cartoon Jihad Instigator- Dies, AP Prints Obituary”

  1. I don’t know if he’ll be able to give Mo your regards being that Mo will be in the lowest and most painful regions of Hell. We can that they will both be in the realm of the tortured.

  2. Somewhere in The Old Testament there is an admonition ” thou shall not rejoice over the death of your enemy” – or something in that guise. Well, I am not too proud, but I have to admit I have a lot of fun sinning against the injunction. It may be presumptious of me, but somehow, I trust that good God will not hold it too heavily against me.

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