AFP sux: “Mobs of whites attacked (by) Lebanese-Australians…”

Mohammedan female in full gear called ‘Burqini’

This is the kind of BS that AFP shoves down the throats of unsuspecting readers:

Australia’s first Muslim lifesavers ride the waves at Cronulla

* Wake me up when they save a life, will you? The last time I checked it was Muhammedan thugs assaulting and bashing young Aussie lifesavers.

In December 2005, mobs of whites attacked Lebanese-Australians
in a bid to “reclaim the beach”, sparking a series of retaliatory attacks in which churches, shops and cars were trashed.

As a result, Australians of Middle Eastern appearance were left afraid to go to the southern Sydney beach

* “Mobs of whites attacked Lebanese Australians”- Right. Being white is such a disgraceful thing to be. After 5 years of continuous harassment, gang-rapes and assault on Australian beach-goers the Aussie ‘racists’ had enough. And now the poor Muslims (Why doesn’t AFP call them Muslims? Any reason?) are ‘afraid’ to go to the beach? You don’t say!

The world saw it on TV! For weeks every politically correct polit-prop, starlet, reporting leftie condemned Australia, soiled his bed, smeared his nation because we don’t wanna be seen as ‘racists’- do we?

* Something else is wrong with this AFP puff-piece:

…a series of retaliatory attacks in which churches, shops and cars were trashed..”

Notice how AFP avoids telling us that 4 Churches were burned out and shot up.

Please be reminded that over 100 cars were smashed up and the same number of unsuspecting, uninvolved Aussies beaten, stabbed and bashed by Muhammedan gangs who came all fired up storming out of the mosque, raced at high speed through the township on the way to their ‘retaliatory attack’ while the police stood nearby doing NOTHING!!!

That’s right folks: The police failed in their duty to protect the citizens of Australia from the Muhammedans. The picture the AFP paints above is an insult and a gross distortion of reality. But what else have we come to expect from the MSM?

In a sane world the headline would read: Muhammedan mobs attacked white Australians,- but I get a feeling the truth is ‘too horrible to contemplate’- (to quote Jack Straw, British labor prop and panderer to the Muhammedan vote…)

Read it all and celebrate the spirit of diversity….

12 thoughts on “AFP sux: “Mobs of whites attacked (by) Lebanese-Australians…””

  1. Can anyone say Crusades?

    The muslims attack the Christian west for 400 years and when the evil west responds they are vilified forever.

    “How dare you resist our holy mission to force you to submit to our way of life?”

    “After all we PAID to come here!”

    “You were just criminals sent here by your evil imperialistic governments to get rid of you!”

    Anything, everything, any muslim says is so much blah-blah to buy time for sword-shapening!

  2. “Lebanese Australians”? Lebanese, or Moslem? And what exactly makes them Australians? The fact that they misuse Australian generosity, Australian resources and, generally, destroy Australia?
    These cavemen do in Australia exactly what they love to do in Lebanon; attacking Christian men and raping Christian women.

  3. Yes,,,I saw this nicey,nicey piece re islamic life savers on ABC news (Australia).

    I am now so cynical about this kind of stuff that I always suspect they have a hidden agenda – to lull us into complacency!
    Hang on,,not “suspect”,,”KNOW”.

  4. Will the Muslim lifeguards save only Muslims? After all, to them infidels are worthless and are better left to die.

  5. If Muslim youths want to be ‘Aussie Lifesavers”, let them dress the same way as the ‘Aussies”. OOps, maybe they want to be”Muslim Lifesavers.”

  6. Who relaxed the immigration requirements to enable all the Muslims to enter Australia? Whence have most of them come? What skills do they bring into Australia? Was it like the USA where the early birds were doctors, accountants, professional men … later the rabble allowed in? Are they all related to the crowd in GB, and I don’t know how all those came in either!

  7. As an American (and a great fan of Aussies, I should add…), I should point out that if a mob came “storming out of the mosque” and started beating, stabbing, smashing, and burning *my* little neck of the woods, there’d be more than a few of them shot. Hell, I keep at least a hundred rounds in the house for my pistol alone. Oh, that’s right, I forgot… y’all voted away your guns in the name of ‘safety’.

    I know, I know… the PC/Libs are trying to take mine away here, too. Thank God we have the Second Amendment over here. At least for the time being.

    Good luck, and God Bless Australia (’cause Allah sure won’t).

  8. I think you have misunderstood the Australia First Party (AFP). They should be disagreed with for what they actually are, not for what they are not.

    I had a look at their sites, and the Muslim issue is addressed on many pages (eg including pages on Cronulla. says
    “But for many Lebanese and other Arab Muslims, being amongst Australians with our laid-back culture and our free and independent women, conflicts so heavily with their internal cultural wellbeing that their only way out of the conundrum is to hate us.”

    And an entry at says (among others)
    “Lebanese Muslim goons have been terrorizing locals for years without a peep from these leftwing bigots who call themselves journalists.”

    Perhaps the initial lack of reference to the Lebanese attacks was because no-one knew if they were Muslims or not, although they knew they were Middle Eastern.

    Also, I think you were wrong when you said “4 Churches were burned out and shot up”. I have not heard of any being burnt out, although I did read of 2 being shot at. Do you have a proper internet source? The same applies to the Muslims as to the AFP, we should be sure what we say is correct if we are to attack them.

  9. Thomas, I am not wrong.

    I followed it then very closely and I even went to Sydney to check for myself for what really happened. Unfortunately I had only one day and that didn’t give me enough time to verify it myself. The pictures of the firebombed churches were on the net. Ironically it was churches of Lebanese (Maronite) Christians and other ME-Christian sects, right then and there we had it all on Jihad Watch; its all documented, don’t worry.
    I know it would be better to have all the evidence at hand at the push of a button, but if you are really keen you can do the research yourself.
    We are not making it up….

  10. Thomas – you have confused AFP (the press bureau) with AFP (the political movement). In the original posting it is the press bureau which is being criticised for its multi culti BS. The AFP (political party) is not refernced except by you in error. The AFP (political party) would probably take a very different view from the press bureau of the same acronym!

  11. These muslim girls in the ‘birquini’ are they going to do mouth to mouth???

    Seriously, are they going to carry a naked/half-naked person our of the water and give them mouth to mouth?

    This is just propaganda. No Muslim who wants to wear the hijab, will get into that water and handle a half-naked male and give them mouth to mouth. So what is the point of all this?? It is just a propaganda stunt.

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