Assholes of the Month: Charlie & Camilla

Update: Far worse than I previously thought: This article from Daniel Pipes goes back to November 2003:


Is Prince Charles a Convert to Islam?


* In Pictures: Charles and Camilla in the Gulf

* I don’t care whether McDonald’s flies or dies. Do you?

Prince Charles says ban McDonald’s food
What I care about is falsehood, hypocrisy and BS that is fed to the ‘masses’-
another term I despise.

I really do.

The ‘masses’- that is the lingo and a remnant of the failed beliefsystem of the socialist movement. Who wants to be ‘masses’?’ You?

We all wanna be individuals. We wanna be respected.
My goodness: What is sold as ‘news’- is hardly worth reporting. The only thing worthwhile reporting here is that this big kid who wears suits is now some kind of man who is getting old: Prince Charles, future king of England.

Nobody can deny that he is a sucker for Islam & Arabs. He talks about Islam as if it was his own faith. Apart from that he still behaves like a spoilt brat who is completely out of touch with reality. He probably never had a hamburger in his life. He never had to eat junk-food either. That’s why he comes out with blurbs like ‘McDonald’s should be banned’…
Charlie can eat all the 7-course lunches and 3-cork dinners the world has to offer, and he should!

Trouble is, he can’t keep his mouth shut. And because he can’t just gorge himself and make sure that Camilla gets enough, he has to diss the poor bastards who are stuck with eating burgers and fries at McDonald’s and get fat because of it.

Charlie has a long history of being a real sucker for the Islamic ‘religion’- he is even on record stating that he wants to be known as ‘the protector of faiths’– rather than ‘The Protector of the Faith’. Is Prince Charles a Muslim?
Winston Churchill, Lord Mountbatten and many worthy and respectable Englishmen would turn in their graves if they knew.

And because Prince Charles & Camilla (who wears the veil voluntarily, why?) are such disgraceful fools, they are hereby elevated to ‘Assholes of the month’- on the double!
Let me know where you stand on that one!

Prince Charles & Camilla…

8 thoughts on “Assholes of the Month: Charlie & Camilla”

  1. These two are a joke. Is there any hope for a British republic after the curent queen is gone? That whole “royal” family is an embarrassment, especially Princess Chucky, the likely “hidden imam” those dopey Shiites keep waiting for.

    Nice shroud on Cami-makes her look halfway good for a change.

  2. Prince Charles an “egg”-stravagant! arsehole

    As the king-in-waiting, Prince Charles devotes countless hours to pondering the most important issues of the day.

    And none require quite so much attention, it seems, as the issue of whether his boiled eggs are cooked to perfection.

    Charles, who is particularly fond of a boiled egg after a day’s hunting, is so picky that his staff cook seven eggs ranging from runny to rock hard, which the Prince tests before choosing his favourite.

    “Because his staff were never quite sure whether the egg would be precisely to the satisfactory hardness, a series of eggs was cooked, and laid out in an ascending row of numbers.

    “If the Prince felt that number five was too runny, he could knock the top off number six or seven.”

    Exactly what happens to the six rejected eggs,remains a mystery

    This anecdote will reinforce the Prince’s reputation as an out-of-touch eccentric with an almost impossibly rarefied lifestyle.

    And it is likely to lead to more questions about whether the heir to the throne really needs a private staff of 22 – including two butlers, five chefs and a valet – whose salaries are written off as a ‘business expense’ to lower his tax bill.

    Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell revealed in his memoirs four years ago that Prince Charles’s valet was required to squeeze his toothpaste onto his brush and, on one occasion, to hold a specimen bottle while Charles produced a urine sample in hospital.

    He also has a reputation for talking to plants and to his chickens at the Highgrove estate in Gloucestershire, and Paul Burrell also revealed Charles’s habit of communicating with his staff by memo on even the most trivial subjects.

    Charles also “finds the invasion of Iraq an utter mystery and despairs of Bush”.

  3. At least his son Harry has balls as he is going to fight in Iraq without any preferential treatment.As far as Chuck is concerned he is an elitist.You all know that having “Blue Blood” means that they are inbreeds.Maybe all the inbreeding is having an effect in Chucks brain?
    Never had any time for royalty.The Monarchists call republicans elitist but what can be more elitist than ruling through birth?
    The sooner the monarchy fails the better.
    Staunch republican D.T.

  4. Well, I admit it. I was always more in favour of Princess Di. He treated her like a brood mare and worse.

    Since then I have no time for him or his new bride. I just hope if he ever makes it to the throne Australia will finally become a republic.
    In fact if Charles is a muslim PM Howard himself will probably find a way for Australia to become a republic!

  5. GET A LIFE you parasites. STOP twisting every word that comes out of Prince Charles mouth. He didnt kill Diana, you idiot, the paparizzi did. (They are also parasites on other peoples lives). Diana was a selfish imature young woman who tried to socially climb and it backfired. So she determined herself to rise above the royal family in another way – by trying to become more popular than them. Do you really believe that she cared so much about the suffering and ailing of the poor? Yeah sure, for about 2 minutes between skiing trips, trips to nude beaches, trysts with various lovers and hanging out smoking pot with “Sir give-it-to-me-in-my-butt” Elton John. You British are pathetic.

  6. Islam is a complete and utter waste of space and is only locked on to by a load of utterly ignorant arseholes

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