Canadian Town Stands up to Islam: Muslim groups to launch complaint over town’s immigrant code

Hérouxville has a population of about 1,300

This had to happen. Don’t you just wish it happened everywhere at the same time from Europe to Asia & Australia to the US?

Fat chance! Go to your local council and ask them to do the same:

Quebec village bans stoning of women, veils, and excision

MONTREAL (CBC) – Two prominent Canadian Muslim groups want to file a human rights complaint over immigrant policies recently adopted in a rural Quebec town.


Imagine: They protest because they will not be able to stone women in Canada!

The Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) and the Canadian Muslim Forum claim Hérouxville’s new code of conduct for immigrants fuels negative stereotypes of ethnic minorities and violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
CIC chair Mohamed Elmasry told CBC that the groups will file a complaint with the Quebec Human Rights Commission if Hérouxville does not retract its code.
He said the code is regressive with racist undertones.

Again, Islam is not a race. Islam is the most fascist, totalitarian ideology in the guise of religion that has been waging jihad on humanity since 1400 years. it is time to make an end to it:

Read it all from CBC:


A poster on Dhimmi watch nails it:

Its time Canadians took a stand and say enough is enough.Why do we need to learn Islam? The Muslims need to learn how democracy and secular societies operate. I hope someone educates Elmasary about the basics of Canadian society and not the other way around. If Muslims want to live in Canada then they have to abide by civilized behavior. Canada does not condone women begin covered and being not allowed to drive and so forth. What is the problem with that?
And no stoning allowed please !!!!Get that Elmasary!

Posted by: faqi at February 6, 2007 01:59 PM

2 thoughts on “Canadian Town Stands up to Islam: Muslim groups to launch complaint over town’s immigrant code”

  1. Just watch the mobots win this one.The Canadian public may support the code but I reckon the Canadian Polititians,Judiciary and human rights activists will back down like good dhimmis, so the Left will win again.
    All I can say is you reap what you sew.
    I just don’t have any sympathy for countries that let this happen time and time again.

  2. It was inevitable that the Islamaniacs would complain. After all, their Illah given rights to wear veils and stone women are being openly trampled by this town. How dare they do that!

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