Denmark demands censorship for Quran

Well, good luck with that:


A political party in Denmark demanded censorship for Quran, stating it is ‘against the Danish constitution.’

A political party named SIAD (Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark-Stop Islamisation of Denmark) has demanded a censorship for parts of Quran, stating that that certain parts ‘encourage violence.’

After caricature crisis and the attack no Muslim graves, Denmark has hit the headlines for the third time again with its anti-Islamist movements. A political party called Stop Islamisation of Denmark has claimed that 67th and 69th verses of Quran are violating the Danish constitution and the mosques across the country should be closed according to the 78th article of the Danish constitution. SABAH Newspaper has talked with the leader Anders Graves of SIAD; a party that has about 400 members. Graves said: “Denmark is our country. Some verses of the Quran are filing me with worries about the lives of my children and grand children.” Stating that they have no intention or expectation on banning the Islam religion across the country Gravers said people living in Denmark should obey the constitution of the country no matter what they believe in.

The best of intentions are seldom realized because of lack of knowledge and funding.

The above initiative could be the beginning of a good thing. But I’m afraid it is gonna fail because they didn’t do their homework. 67th and 69th verses in the Koran? Never heard of it.

A political party in Denmark demanded censorship for Quran, stating it is ‘against the Danish constitution.’

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Anders Gravers was interviewed by a turkish journalist from the paper Hürriyet. It resulted in an article the 24th of feb.

We are working on a translation but here we give a short briefing of the interview:

The journalist asked which parts of the koran who offend the danish constitution. We answered sura 8 and 9, especially 9,5, and sura 4,34, sura 4,15, sura 33,60, sura 4,11, sura 2,282, sura 24,13, sura 9,3, sura 12,29, sura 48,17, sura 47,36, sura 76,5, sura 4,57, sura 33,27. And 33,21 who involves the hadith.
To the question about which translation we have used, we answered the german version, which is more true to the arabic version than the danish.

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  1. A nice idea. However, such censoring could backfire. More infidels should read the Koran so they can know the philosophy of the enemy.

  2. “He wanted to know why we had send it to Al Jazeera and the embassies. Anders Gravers answered that we want to safe the danish imams from another travel to the arabic countries”

    I like his sense of humour.

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