Germany: Here we Go Again: Smoke bomb thrown into Jewish kindergarten in Berlin

1938 all over again?

Anti-Semitic slogans scrawled on the school’s walls


BERLIN (EJP)—- A tragedy was avoided on Sunday after a smoke bomb, thrown through a window of a Jewish kindergarten in Berlin, failed to ignite.

However, the school, located in a northwest neighbourhood of the German capital, was not spared by the spray painting of swastikas, other Nazi symbols and anti-Semitic phrases, such as “Auschwitz,” “Juden Raus” (Jews, get out) and “Sieg Heil”, on its outer walls, as well as on toys that had been lying around in the school’s playground.

A police spokesman said the attack did not cause serious damage or endanger children or staff at the school.

Berlin’s Interior Minister Ehrhart Körting condemned the attack as a “cowardly act” and called it “a particularly brutal one…one that had taken anti-Semitic acts to a new dimension”.

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3 thoughts on “Germany: Here we Go Again: Smoke bomb thrown into Jewish kindergarten in Berlin”

  1. This should be done by Muslims living in Germany. Now they want to change the game and put blame on chritians living in Germany. Germans, be careful and be tolerant. Find the people behind this, may be the Turkish or converted Muslims.

  2. Hard to say who did this. This might be a case of teenagers being stupid, but then again….

  3. My German may not be fluent but the “Scheiss Juden” on the right of the picture has a rather unpleasant meaning. Could this particular choice of revolting epithet be at all linked to the influence of the Iranian(?) cleric who said that excrement and non-Muslims (kaffir) were both najis? I mean, that little bit of grafitti is really a najis 2-for-1, isn’t it?
    More seriously, the German police should just cut the c**p (pun intended)
    and punish those responsible severely, without any of the usual deference for the “I did it because of Palestine” defence.
    I’ve been thinking. If Muslims are the new Jews and Jews are the new Nazis, then we have a never before seen action of pre-emptive spite directed by (new) Jews toward (new) Nazis. I don’t get it. Haven’t these guys read the script? They are meant to take all the abuse stoically and then return to their original homeland in the Middle East after having had their numbers decimated by some type of European madman. As far as I know, I have never seen pre-WWII Jewish slogans saying “Shove off, goyim” in anticipation of attack by the Nazis. (I couldn’t come up with any derogatory Jewish slang for non-Jews).

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