BS-reports from CNN & from CBC NEWS

Last night I watched on CNN how buses of Muhammedans descended on Herouxville in Canada like locusts, to do da’awa (‘call to Islam’) and to hand out Korans, and to present themselves as misunderstood victims of racism etc.

Update: Muslims, small town make up

Montreal women welcomed by rural community that banned public stonings, female circumcisions:



Or intimidated by multi-million dollar law-suits?Threatened by the head-choppers?

CNN presented it as if Herouxville was a township and a matter of a a few hicks who are not quite right in the head, otherwise why would anyone object to their wonderful new multiculti world? If anybody has a link please sent it in, I will put it up at once.


Okay, found it, its right here:

Muslim women visit Quebec town to address contentious code


Immigrant debate has ‘gone too far’: Charest

Charest wants to see Canada look like this: *

And the inevitable howler: Muslim groups to launch complaint over town’s immigrant code

Remember Herouxville? The town that doesn’t like public beheadings and stonings and wants to make sure that Immigrants know it? I have been chasing a link, but I couldn’t find anything yet except this BS- article here from CBC that tells us that:

‘Quebec towns reject Hérouxville immigrant code ‘

However, when you read through the article you find that exactly the opposite is the case, and that more towns in Canada follow Herouxville:

In Huntingdon, southwest of Montreal, municipal councillors adopted a resolution Tuesday night supporting multiculturalism, and called for the separation of religion and state.

Other towns in the Mauricie have already taken steps to support Hérouxville’s code.

Saint-Adelphe and Trois-Rives adopted resolutions Feb. 5 that demand the Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms be modified to restrict reasonable accommodation for religious groups.

St-Roch-de-Mékinac also endorsed a separate motion recognizing Hérouxville’s code.

And it makes sense:

Herouxville Wants Immigrants That Fit In With Its Citizens

Especially in light of this:

Welcome! Leave your customs at the door

Meanwhile, Muhammedans are looking forward to 2025, when they will make up 30% of the population: Canuckistan is well on the way!

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  1. Charest and his pals are in a lot of trouble come election time if this keeps up. Entire political parties and legitimate threats to the break-up of Canada come from Quebecer belief in a “distinct society” from the rest of the country. This town’s stand, and those following it are clear indications that the distinct society of Quebec is a concept held near and dear by the rank and file. It is an exention of that. And they’ll vote against anything that threatens it. Islamic Fundamentalists have now been pointed out as threatening that in this case and others. Quebecers will do as they have always done and vote out those who do not stand for Quebec. Charest is fucked if he doesn’t get a clue.

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