New political party: “Stop the Islamization of Denmark”

Something Sheik yer’mami has been advocating for quite some time for Australia:
Internment & Deportations, NOW!

Vote anti-dhimmi in Denmark:


This initiative finds expression in various actions and press campaigns in which we point out, lay open, and show the dangers for Danish society caused by the increasing Islamization. Our aim is to awaken the Danish people. The politicians in power have long ago shown their deafness towards warnings about Islamization. The only way to awaken these people is to punish them on election day for their irresponsibility.
In Parliament

As a consequence of the lack of political leadership in Denmark in general, and within the Government in particular (not meeting the increasing Islamization of Denmark), the resistance group “Stop islamiseringen af Islam” (SIAD) has decided to stand for Parliament

Gates of Vienna has the details.

5 thoughts on “New political party: “Stop the Islamization of Denmark””

  1. Actually it is “Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark”, not “Stop Islamiseringen af Islam”.
    The latter means ” Stop Islamization of Islam” – a rather difficult objective.

  2. Good for the Danes. I hope this party does well. The entire West needs parties like these.

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