Swiss Embassy in Teheran under Siege & attacked

Because infidels are infidels, what’s the difference?

The Swiss Embassy in Tehran was besieged by a large number of aggravated demonstrators- the protest was directed at the US, whose interests are represented by the Swiss.

Iran: Sturm auf Schweizer Botschaft

Die Schweizer Botschaft in Teheran wurde heute von einer Masse wütender Demonstranten belagert. Der Protest richtete sich gegen die USA, deren Interessen die Schweiz im Iran vertritt.

4 thoughts on “Swiss Embassy in Teheran under Siege & attacked”

  1. The Swiss are neutral, so the Iranians attack them. This shows that lying down in front of them doesn’t work. We tried that in 1979 and now they are building nukes. We need to invade Iran now before they get more anti-ship Sunburn missiles from Russia.

  2. These muslims are real barbarians, killing their own sisters, making troubles in other countries, killing others, having no tolerance, these are all common features in muslims. Can we do somthing to these helpless people?

  3. Swiss neutrality: yep,,it really works, just like appeasement.

    These people, and I use the term loosely, can and will find any reason to attack anyone – even their own kind.

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